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The Bee Removal Experts In Orange County Explain The Difference Between Bees And Wasps


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The Bee Removal Experts In Orange County Explain The Difference Between Bees And Wasps

In Orange County, there are all kinds of flying insects with which we share our outdoor spaces. That’s seldom a problem until they come into the house, or sometimes when we’re trying to have a picnic on a nice day. If a hive or a swarm has appeared in your home, then you need to contact a bee removal service. But what about wasps? Do they pose the same amount of potential danger as bees? We spoke to a bee removal expert in Orange County, and here’s what we learned.




In general, bees are curious insects, but mild-mannered. They probably won’t try and sting unless they feel like you’re a threat to them or they believe that you are provoking them. They’ll defend themselves, but they’d prefer to collect pollen, taking their time and keeping to themselves. Bees seem reluctant to sting, usually, and that is because when they do so, often the stinger will get hooked into the skin of whatever was on the receiving end, and it will be ripped out of their abdomen. This will eventually kill the bee. Whether the bees are aware of that fact or not is debatable, but they do seem to be reluctant to sting unless they feel that they have no other choice.




Wasps have an entirely different temperament from bees, Orange County, and you shouldn’t think that the two are interchangeable. Wasps are scavengers. They are predatory, and they will have no problems stinging you multiple times if given the opportunity. A wasp’s stinger is retractable, and using it won’t kill them. They like all sorts of food. Leave a burger or a soft drink out at a picnic, and either one is likely to attract wasps that are in the area.


If you find yourself living with either of these insects, it is less than ideal. You’ll need to contact professional bee removal services without delay and vacate the area until they arrive. They will know how to deal with wasps as well. In the case of the latter finding their way into your home, though, the situation is more urgent. Because wasps have no compunctions about stinging multiple times and they need little provocation to do so, you should be extra careful when confronted with them. A wasp sting can be painful, and potentially lethal for a person with allergies.


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