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How To Get Rid Of Bees: A Safe, Effective And Practical Way


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How To Get Rid Of Bees: A Safe, Effective And Practical Way

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem and have attracted a lot of attention in the media.

While protecting them is important, it doesn’t mean you should share your living space with them. 

Some species may be damaging for your home or become hostile but destructive power is usually less than that of rats or termites. However, they are sometimes difficult to remove.

Know your bees

Before choosing a bee removal method in Orange County, it is essential to identify the type of insect and whether it is a bee, a wasp, or a bumblebee. 

This knowledge can give you a better estimate of the threat of loss or stabbing. Some species also require special treatment.

Bumblebee: It is only aggressive when it is threatened. Bumblebees prefer to nest in loose, fluffy materials and occasionally nest in the ground.

Carpenter Bees: These oval bees drill into the surface, leaving a perfect three-quarter-inch hole. They are separate and rarely damage structural beams. However, a single nest will multiply and eventually destroy the surrounding surface wood.

Honey Bees: Although these bees are not aggressive, and they are highly beneficial, their nests are massive and can be built by thousands of workers. They are the only species that are preferred to relocate from your home.

The wasp is similar to a bee but is more aggressive. Common species include:

Ground Bees: This smaller yellow coat is usually nested between 2 and 2 feet underground in an abandoned cave. They are easily irritated and quite aggressive.

Hornet: This aggressive species creates an outer paper nest shaped like an inverted water droplet.

Yellow Jacket: These black and yellow striped insect nests resemble wasps. However, they also build nests on the walls and can slowly chew dry or surface wood as a material.

Wasp: It is thin and long, and the legs of the wasps in the flight hang down. They often settle in the attic and the car and suffer from stinging.

Eliminate bee infestation

Social structures are often proven to be attractive to bees because their natural tendency is to nest in tree holes and similar cavities. 

If bee colonies are living in your house, yard, or vehicle, there are steps you can take to eliminate them. 

Clearing bees from home

Handling bee colonies living at home may be natural or severe, depending on whether the hive is bare.

You should wear heavy protective clothing and spray pesticides on the exposed hive after dusk to avoid stinging. The next day, observe the colony at dawn and dusk for any activity and spray again if necessary.

Once it is determined that the bee is dead, the hive should be removed to prevent the honey or wax from melting and damaging the wall. This will also reduce the likelihood of future intrusions.

If you have a nest in your wall, you may need to call a professional. Under no circumstances should the entry point be inserted as this may result in any bee in the hive looking for another exit that may enter your living area.

How to get rid of the underground bees

An easy way to solve the problem of ground bees is to buy chemical sprays that are specifically labeled for ground bees. 

The ground bee is a yellow coat that becomes aggressive when agitated, so be sure to wear protective clothing and spray it at night.

Try to point the chemical at the hive entrance so that the spray reaches the nested area. In the next few days, observe whether there is movement in the area near dusk or dawn and spray again when needed. Please note that the bees that survived the spray will try to relocate their nests.

Get rid of the bees in the car

It is often challenging to remove bees in Orange County from a vehicle depending on the location of the nest. This is dangerous. If you plan to get close to the colony, wear heavy protective clothing, and work at night.

Professional bee removal

Professional bee removal in Orange County will use chemical sprays to kill bees or wasps. Typically, a spray designed specifically for this species will be selected. Once the colony is destroyed, the destroyer will destroy the nest and seal any openings.

Not all bees are harmful, as mentioned earlier. The honey bee has so many incredible benefits to us humans and also to our ecosystem. One should have good knowledge of these bees so that they don’t get killed with the rest of the bee species; relocation can be a good option for a honey bee.

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