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Five Ways To Remove Bees Without Killing Them


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Five Ways To Remove Bees Without Killing Them

Research shows that the number of bees is drastically decreasing worldwide. Bees are one of the essential insects in the food cycle because they pollinate and allow food to grow.

Many imported and domestically grown fruits and vegetables require pollination. Examples include avocado, asparagus, soy, broccoli, pumpkin and sunflower oil, cucumber, cherry, citrus fruit, peach, kiwi, cranberry, celery, and melon. For commercial crops such as blueberries and almonds, bees pollinate these too. 

It is said that about 80% of plants in the United States depend on bees. Bees can also pollinate clover and food that feed cattle, so they also have an impact on meat and dairy. Moreover, not to mention the manufacture of a large amount of food made from all of these ingredients.

Also, bees play an essential role in the pollination of other important crops such as cotton and flax. Not only this, but they also produce several valuable non-food products, such as beeswax for cleaning and beauty products.

Also, who doesn’t like honey? Without bees, we have no honey.

Farmers even rent beehives to pollinate crops. So if you have bee problems, it’s best to get rid of them without killing them. 

Here are some of the bee removal tips without killing the bees in Orange County.

Note: During bee removal in Orange County, wear the appropriate equipment – leather gloves and a beekeeper suit. A large number of bees can be hazardous. If you are allergic to bees, call a professional.


Smoking is probably one of the most effective ways of keeping bees away from your home. Bees are susceptible to smells, and when they feel the smoke, they think it is a forest fire. It causes them to leave and they will probably never come back.

Under the beehive, use cardboard and deadwood to make smoke. Don’t wait around to see the bees being smoked out. They will become aggressive when they are excited, so it is best to go back inside.

Garlic spray

The bees once again have a strong sense of smell, and we all know that garlic has a strong odor. You can take some cloves of garlic and crush them. Then mix the crushed garlic with water to make a garlic spray. Spray it around your house and hive to try to get them out.


Lemongrass oil can be used for mosquitoes and bees. If there are beehives inside, you can use a lemongrass candle to make them leave. It won’t hurt them, but it may take a while for them to leave.

For the candle to be practical, you must burn the candle for a few days. If there is wind or rain outside, the bees will not go out, so be sure to do so on the best day.

Peppermint plant

Peppermint has a strong smell, and bees don’t like it. If you don’t want bees to go into a particular area of ​​your home, plant mint plants. You will drive away the bees and can even use the mint whenever needed.


The strong smell of cinnamon can also drive bees out. Scatter it in the area where you want to repel the bees. You must do this for about a week every day.

This method works well if you want to make sure the bees stay away from a home but not entirely out of the yard. If you don’t mind having bees around, but don’t want them to surround your porch or door, this approach should suit you.

Bees are essential – they play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, our health, and our way of life. We should continue to protect the bees instead of killing the bees. To do this, hire some experts to remove the bees without killing them and protect you too.

If you attempt bee removal in Orange County, don’t forget to wear protective gear!

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