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Keep Children Healthy, Happy, And Learning During School Closures



Keep Children Healthy, Happy, And Learning During School Closures

Two weeks of spring break is terrifying, and kids are already stir crazy. While millions of children are displaced from their schools due to the coronavirus, it also sent a ripple effect into parent communities-like a sub crisis has risen for American parents. What will the kids do all day?

Are you looking for things to do in Orange County inside your home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us check some of the ways to transition kids into at-home life smoothly.

It’s a lot easier than you might think. Map out how the days will look at the house but keep the goal to keep kids busy while learning and getting other things done too.

Let’s start with their school routine. 

Use school as the framework and honor what had been your child’s routine. Are they used to having breakfast? Snack? Lunch? What about recess? Use this routine to break the day into small chunks, much like school does with the subject. And make your child do their best on assigned schoolwork. Once you create a daily schedule together, kids will take turns being the one who decides what to do each block of time.

Play with your kids. 

Dedicate time with them while enjoying many games of “hide-and-seek” or joining in playing with Barbie dolls, or play instruments or video games.

Once you’ve figured out times for things like food and school assignments, you are now equipped to fill in the rest of the day. And when a child is imagining, creating, building, or inventing, they are doing some serious learning.

A productive playtime means weeding out the unused and broken toys: If it’s hard to find the right toys, it’s hard to find a good play. Try moving the “open-ended toys” to the front: Toys with lights and batteries that sing and talk won’t hook your child into the game as well as simple toys. Lastly, limit adult involvement. Playing is the child’s job, not the adults; kids need to play independently of adults but it doesn’t mean unsupervised.

Read with them.  

How about fifteen to 20 minutes a day or break it apart, it is a great place to start, right? Many studies show the significance of reading to kids. Reading a book with your kids does not only allow you to experience imaginary worlds and adventures with them through the story; you get to share in the wonder of what comes next—making you a part of the excitement of where the plot goes. These are some of best things to do in Orange County with your kids at home all day. Indeed a great chance to increase that habit.

Working from home with kids has never been easy. It involves maintaining harmony, however possible, and setting up a reward system for them when they follow directions. At the end of the day, your unconditional love and support matter the most. When kids do things that are important for them, in return, you show them your respect and care about their dream.

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