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How To Stay Busy While in Community Quarantine



How To Stay Busy While in Community Quarantine

Due to COVID-19, schools and daycares have been closed and various states placed on community quarantine. All of a sudden, millions of kids are home and are searching for things to do. The following are some pointers to help you and your kids get by in as you stay locked down in your Orange County homes.

Setting-up rules to tone down behavior.

Stay firm and give clear rules and consequences throughout your kids’ time at home. It can be appealing to let go of boundaries and rules during this uncertain time but it is crucial to be firm. The kids will feel secure when they understand what behaviors are expected of them. 

Making daily plans and routine.

Planning a new routine will encourage your child to look forward to every day. It should comprise of getting up/going to bed, eating time, activity, and screen time into their daily plans and routine. Further ideas include reading time, art activity, chore time, and quiet or alone time.


Take the time every day to exercise. It will help everybody in the family to deal with the pressure of being inside the house. This can benefit all of the family members and help your children burn down some energy! You may want to try making an indoor obstacle course for the kids. Check YouTube to find a family-friendly exercise video.

Here are a few exercise suggestions:

Do the elevator breathing: Slowly raise both arms towards up to the sky and breathe in. Then slowly lower both hands to the ground and breathe out. Do it again as often as you need.

Execute the hot chocolate breathing: Hot chocolate breathing is to let them play as if they are holding a warm cup of each person’s favorite drink or everyone’s all-time favorite hot chocolate. Let them blow out two slow short breathes, pretending like cooling down their warm drink.

Try something new and let the kids do a self-expression activity. 

Get the most of your time together and let the kids learn something new. Apply or use creative methods to express their thoughts and feelings. Try creating for them fun and new games, do a family art project, or perform a unique dance routine together. It will make them learn how to communicate, express, and react to their fears about the changes in their lives in the future. 

Communicate through Video calls. 

Communicate and stay in touch with family and friends using video calls like Skype or FaceTime. It will help your child and yourself feel connected with your loved ones.

Take care of yourself. 

Make yourself a priority every day. Enjoy a bubble bath, watch your favorite TV show, or read a book after the kids are all in bed. These suggested things to do can help your family to get through the community quarantine due to COVID-19. Stay safe, and stay at your Orange County home!
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