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How to Stay Active During Quarantine



How to Stay Active During Quarantine

In most countries, fitness centers and other locations where individuals go to remain active are temporarily closed as COVID-19 cases continue to emerge and rise. While self-quarantine can eventually cause additional stress and challenge to the mental health of people, physical activity and relaxation techniques can be helpful tools to remain calm and to protect your health.

So start today and stay physically active during self-quarantine. Along with simple exercise equipment, find these things to do on how to stay active and reduce sedentary behavior during this period.

Important! This guidance is for people in self-quarantine without any symptoms or diagnosis of acute respiratory illness. It should not replace medical advice in case of any health condition.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week or a combination of both. These are things to do to achieve an active lifestyle, even at your home, with no special equipment and with limited space. 

Get quick active breaks throughout the day. 

Have short periods of physical activity to add up to the weekly recommendations. Dancing, playing with kids, or doing domestic chores like cleaning and gardening are excellent means to stay active at home. Make it as an inspiration to be active every day. 

Follow an online exercise class

Gym closed? Everyone from climbing gyms to national fitness chains is offering free classes. So take advantage of online exercise classes that you can find on Youtube.

Take a walk

From small spaces, walking around or on the spot can surely help you remain active. If you have a call, why not stand or walk around the house while you speak, instead of sitting down and maintaining to adhere to the one-meter distance from other people for social distancing.

Stand up

Reduce that sedentary time by standing up whenever possible. Aim to interrupt and recline time every half an hour. Set up a standing desk using a high table or pile of books to continue working while standing. It is also during sedentary leisure time that you can prioritize cognitively stimulating activities, like reading, board games, and puzzles.

Relax and Destress

Seldom it’s beneficial to stop, take a deep breath, and relax. In many studies, meditation can help you to remain calm. Take advantage of meditation while listening to music, reading, watching a feel-good movie. 

For optimal health, it is also essential to eat healthily and stay hydrated. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables, and limit the intake of salt, sugar, and fat. These are some of the things to do while at home, we help build a strong, happy community and achieve fulfilling lives while we combat this pandemic.

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