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Keep Your Backyard Safe For Your Bees


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Keep Your Backyard Safe For Your Bees

No one can deny how benefiting the bees are for us. The world’s food industry relies on them for proper pollination to feed people around the globe. Plants rely on bees to spread pollen, and many homestead growers praise them for additional crop help.

It is all-lovely to watch the bee life, bees work hard and fly all round to collect nectar. They do a lot for humans and plants, but what can humans do for them?

Sometimes, even if you don’t realize it, your backyard can be in danger. Follow these simple tips, instead of inadvertently driving away bees, check out how to keep your bees’ garden safe.

Provide a water tray

Depending on where you live, bees may get a lot of water. Before continuing the pollination journey, nearby lakes, ponds, or rivers are natural places for bees to rest and rehydrate, but not everyone can live on natural water.

Use some DIY to design a water tray for the bees and provide water. Find pots of any size or shape and cover the bottom with handmade glue. Spread the marble on the cement, wait for it to dry, and then fill the marble with enough water.

Bees rest on the marble and drink freely, while glue prevents the marble from sliding around. Remember, on windy days, replenish water as needed and empty debris that has fallen into it. 

It will be beneficial if you keep in mind that bees can be very annoying creatures to pond owners, so providing auxiliary water may help.

Avoid pesticides

Although pesticides are designed to target harmful insects and bugs, they inadvertently hurt curious bees. Strong chemicals cling to the body of the bee, which they bring back to the hive. 

Each bee in the hive is then affected by the insecticide, which may kill most colonies or the hive itself.

Some pesticides are less harmful but are safe without chemical formulas. Pause for a moment to learn about pesticide use and to understand essential steps, such as spraying pesticides in the morning before bees are active during the day.

Ask any professional bee removal in Orange County for assistance if you have any issues related to pesticides in your backyard.

Clear weeds

When you’re dealing with many other responsibilities, it’s easy to forget the plants growing in the backyard, but it’s on schedule. 

Certain weeds can damage bee pollination and honey production, depending on whether they produce pollen, such as dandelions. Remove weeds around the flower beds and any other crops you may grow at least a few times a week.

However, there are many bee removal professionals in Orange County who will do their best to save bees and remove the growing weeds. Keep your choices open!

Plant bee-friendly flowers

Different plants produce different amounts of pollen, so plant the most bee-friendly flowers that attract bees, and they will bring home a lot of pollen. 

The less distance the bees travel, the more energy they have for adequate pollination and honey production. You can also attract new bees with better flowers, allowing the hive to grow without your effort.

Bees need lots of flowers to bloom side by side. It is because they harvest pollen as a group. This means they will skip smaller sources for larger groups. Bees also lack the language to describe the cause of pollen near the hive, which means that it is advisable to keep bees on the other side of the yard.

Keep your mind open

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, a beekeeper who grows plants for pollination, or someone interested in beekeeping, you should always be open to new information. There is a lot you can learn, which ultimately makes your property a haven for the bees near you.

If you have any issues with the bees you have grown in your backyard, or you are still thinking about starting a honeybee business of your own, ask professional bee removal in Orange County for suggestions.

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