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Knowing Different Bee Species Could Help in Bee Removal


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Knowing Different Bee Species Could Help in Bee Removal

There’s no doubt that there will be a day when calling in for bee removal in Orange County will be necessary for you. At the same time, you’ll want the experts who come to your house to have an easy time as much as possible when doing their job. To accomplish this, you might want to observe the bees that made haunts in or around your house to see what kind of bee you are dealing with. There are many different species of bees, and almost all of them have different behaviors and appearances compared to others. 

Bumble Bees

The fuzzy black and white striped pattern makes identifying this California honeybee a straightforward prospect compared to its many cousins. However, unlike its cousins, this particular bee species make nests on or within the ground through different methods. They can make nests in woodpiles, rodent burrows, and other high coverage areas on the floor. On top of being one of the passive species of bees that won’t attack unless it has no choice, it also plays a great deal of importance when it comes to pollinating avocados and other crops like berries. 

Honey Bees

Unlike bumblebees, these bees prefer to make their nests in elevated areas such as trees, chimneys, and other high places. Also, these bees have venom sacs that can adversely affect someone should they be allergic. Of course, even if you aren’t allergic, removing the stinger should be your highest priority since it can still cause pain and swelling. Given how many areas are available to make their nests, these bees can be one of the most significant pests you have to deal with. There are a lot of hideaways or sections in your house, making bee removal in Irvine, CA, a necessity when dealing with them. 

Africanized honeybees

If you want to talk about aggressive bees, then the Africanized honeybee is the one. These types of bees are highly territorial and make extensive patrols around their nest. They do this to maintain a safe perimeter and to ward off possible trespassers and predators. They like to make their habitats in small and unassuming places that are accessible, such as empty pots, containers, or other similar areas. However, even worse is that they have a pack mentality for an attack similar to wasps. When these bees attack, you’re going to deal with hundreds of these bees, leaving too many stings, so you should deal with them using caution. 


When you try to identify these bees to help bee removal services in Orange County, always keep in mind that knowing what you are dealing with can make all of the difference in how quickly the job gets done. 

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