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List Of Places To Visit in Santa Monica



List Of Places To Visit in Santa Monica

When you come down to Santa Monica, you’ll find no shortage of things to do, from enjoying the beach, to the finest views, to enjoying the locally grown coffee that you can have through a coffee subscription. But, these are only a few of what you can enjoy within Santa Monica. Here, we shall go over some spots where you and your family will surely have fun.4

The Original Muscle Beach

Let’s say that you’ve come to see some action. You’re the kind person who enjoys relaxing and possibly visiting Santa Monica, but you also want an excuse to work out at the same time so as not to lose your peak form. Thankfully the original muscle beach has you covered with its many obstacle courses, bars, and even uneven bars that gymnasts have a habit of using during the weekends. And if you’re not an exercise junkie, then don’t be intimidated! People are very open and friendly so feel free to do whatever you want to do there!

Annenberg Community Beach House

What started as a passion project made specifically for Marion Davies at the behest of William Randolph Hearst, is now a public beach club for anyone that wants to use it. Not only are you going to find a beach house for you to use, but a soccer field, tennis court, and other amenities, including a rec room and cafe to satisfy the hunger or thirst you might have. This is the place to be if you’re looking to cut loose and enjoy whatever fun comes your way, especially if you bring friends and/or family along for the occasion.


Then again, you might be more of a music enthusiast and enjoy the idea of going through the many different forms of music and bands that are local only to Santa Monica. If that’s the case, then make a stop, or perhaps multiple stops if you want at McCabe’s. You’re going to find many different types of guitars, even those you may not have heard of before, if you look hard enough. But, what makes this location stand isn’t just guitars that are on display. During the night of weekends, you can have the pleasure of enjoying the local talents of Santa Monica, making it an enjoyable experience if you’re a music enthusiast.

Tongva Park

What was once a parking lot that filled the streets of Santa Monica received a huge makeover. Instead of a dull grey concrete parking lot, you’re going to find the most amazing sites, such as meadows, playgrounds, and so much more, that will appeal to a person’s sense of nature and visual beauty. It’s the perfect example of turning something dull and grey into something vibrant and lively.


As you can see, your fun in Santa Monica doesn’t have to begin and end at the beaches or coffee subscriptions that you can find from the many coffee shops in the area. At that point, you would have only scratched the surface in what you can do, discover and have fun with, as evidenced from what was listed above.

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