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The Orange County Children’s Book Festival


The Orange County Children’s Book Festival

If you’re racking your brain for Orange County events where you can bring your kids to enjoy, you should definitely consider the Orange County Children’s Book Festival. It features a little bit of everything besides books, such as mascot characters, food, rides, that will give the children a time of their lives! This year’s event is canceled, but it’ll resume in October next year. Here is what you can do specifically at this event as well as why you should definitely consider coming.


You’re going to find no shortage of different books that you and your children can greatly enjoy, along with a plethora of different writing activities that they can take part in. With the right books, you can meet the best authors whom the kids could learn a great deal from. They can also get an autograph if the kids desire one. The authors will also read certain sections of their books to help the kids better understand the story and immerse them into their crafted tale.


Some artists are talented in literary art and hand-drawn art. They will display their skills in full as they will be drawing the art of some of their characters so that the kids can see how the process is done. Some of these artists have a decorated resume based on the characters they’ve worked with, including Disney and other characters that the company has under its umbrella. 

Stage Entertainment

The fun at the festival doesn’t just include the books, however, as there are other forms of entertainment at the festival. There will be seven different forms of entertainment to be had at the festival. This would be the Animal and Nature, Storytellers, Illustrators, Early Reader, Entertainment, Middle Grade & Teen, and STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. 


If you desire to have a more direct hand in assisting those who are organizing the festival, then you have a great opportunity to do so. There will be a great amount of assistance required at the festival for it to be properly set up and to ensure that it runs efficiently so that all the attendees can enjoy it.


The Orange County Children’s Book Festival is a definite treat that all children nearby will surely enjoy. Your kids will learn to appreciate reading books more often plus they will have an opportunity to connect with authors, illustrators, storytellers, and more! You and your kids shouldn’t miss Orange County events like this! Sign up to their mailing list to get updates on when the face-to-face Orange County Children’s Book Festival will resume.

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