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Going To Mission San Juan Capistrano Is One Of The Best Things To Do in Orange County



Going To Mission San Juan Capistrano Is One Of The Best Things To Do in Orange County

Out of all the things to do in Orange County, paying a visit to Mission San Juan Capistrano should definitely be high up on your personal list. Not only is it a place of religious significance, but it also functions as something of a museum because of the multitude of art it keeps. It holds some of the greatest examples of the history of California that people can see. Here is what makes this location stand out in Orange County:


The Mission San Juan Capistrano features a great number of exhibits that will wow you with its beauty and historical significance. Take the Native American Museum and Interpretive Room, for example. They hold an exhibit that features art and important artifacts that originate from the Acjachemen people, who viewed the land as both sacred and a necessity to their survival as a people. Or perhaps you might want another take on the history in the area through the Resurgam, which displays a great deal of restoration to the mission at the time. 


If you want to see specific items that are significant to the mission itself and California as a whole, then check out the historical item collection that the museum has amassed. Some of these items include the Lincoln Document, which details the ownership of the museum. It also displays a photograph of a mass going on in the Great Stone Church. You’ll even be able to see other items, including a Mexican coin dating back to 1855. 

Gift Shop

If you want to get some memorabilia before you leave the mission, you’ll have plenty of choices. Some of these items include clothes that are themed from the idea of the mission. There are also religious pieces of jewelry with cultural significance crafted by people inside and outside the country. There are also snacks that you can enjoy, such as the specially made mission-era chocolate and almonds. 


Considering the great deal of history that you can learn from Mission San Juan Capistrano, it puts the place high on the best things to do in Orange County. With its great artifacts other noteworthy items on display, it would be a shame not to visit it. 

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