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Why the Balboa Island Artwalk Can Be One Of The Best Orange County Events For Art Lovers



Why the Balboa Island Artwalk Can Be One Of The Best Orange County Events For Art Lovers

One of the most popular Orange County events in SoCal is undoubtedly the display of art that the local artists bring in every year for people to enjoy. If you’re looking to enjoy plenty of arts on display, then you’re in luck because on September 26th, the Balboa Island Artwalk is going to feature such arts by locals that you can be wowed by. Here, we’re going to discuss all of the available info about the event, as well as why you should take time out of your schedule to enjoy it. 

What It Is

With no admission fee to speak of, the Balboa Island Artwalk will have premiere art for you to enjoy, especially with over 100 artists taking part in the event to show off what they have created for the public. It won’t just feature paintings if that is what you’re thinking of. It will also feature other types of arts such as jewelry, photography, glass, and so much more. With many other features at this festival, this is something you don’t want to pass up on.

For Participation

If you desire to participate as an artist within the festivities, there should be no problem, so long as you follow the guidelines. First, your art space should feature a 20×3 ft space where you need to display a photo that can represent the majority of your work. You’re responsible for the space you are given, so make sure that you make the most to stand out from the rest. Also, if you are making sales, make sure that you have a Newport Beach City License to make things more convenient for not just yourself but for the event and the city as a whole. 

Parking and Location

The event will take place at Balboa Island in Newport Beach Harbor. If you’re on the lookout for parking, then search for Palm street near the location that can be found near a pier. Though if you’re not confident in your ability to find a parking spot available to you, you should probably resort to utilizing either an uber or other driving service or any other carpool that can simplify matters.

Meet the Artists

As mentioned before, there will be over 100 artists who will display their works. There is David E. Allen and his winter-themed paintings. There is also Allesandra Thorton, who will showcase the necklaces that she’s crafted throughout the years. 


You’re no doubt going to get your fill of art that the artists will bring at the event. It will no doubt be a blast to observe the proceedings and experience one of the best Orange County events in the area. 

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