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OC Spots For Avid Travelers

Reality shows, surfing, boating, shopping, and museums are synonymous with amazing things to do in Orange County.

Once you are in OC, you can visit the magical Disneyland, wonderful Marina Park, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the list goes on. However, there are more places to explore apart from these. Do some research, and you will find that Orange County has a lot to do throughout the year.

Looking for something unbeatable, please continue reading this article.

If you are one of those passionate travelers and keen to explore unexplored places, looking for new places, or just want to know about new destinations, read on to explore the hidden gems in Orange County.

Beautiful Victoria Beach

The first destination on our list is the beautiful Victoria Beach, which is far from ordinary tourists’ reach. If the deep blue color of the water can heal you, then this place is for you. It’s often occupied with people who are keen to stay away from busy beaches.

You will see people playing different games like volleyball, fishing, water skiing, and swimming. Avid beach player? This place is for you!

Pirate tower

Built-in 1926, this 60-foot tower is located on Victoria Beach. As you drive along Victoria Beach, you’ll find the tide rushes in and gently touches Pirate Tower.

As long as the Pirate Tower stands, it will stimulate the interest of tourists. If you have a plan to visit this place, don’t miss the stamp on the bottom of the tower, and maybe there are still some treasures for everyone to use.

LAB (anti-shopping)

If you’re planning some things to do in Orange County for a short period, you are likely to miss so many amazing places.

LAB (anti-shopping center). This is not your typical shopping center, but a real hidden gem that you can find in OC. 

At first glance, you will find it’s just an industrial park. However, if you look deeper, you will find something different.

To find a hidden shopping mall, you’ll have to walk through a shadowy path leading to a fantastic market. There is a wealth of art and music. You will also find amazing restaurants and boutiques.

If you like to explore art galleries, this place is a perfect choice for you.

The famous art gallery of LAB (anti-shopping center) is an Artery. The craftsman’s work is displayed in the shipping container, which is different from other art galleries. In other galleries, you’ll find art objects scattered in the storefront or buildings.

A wide range of accessories makes avid shoppers return to this unique mall.

Wonderful Marina Park

If you are interested in a nautical-themed playground and calm waters, then this park should be listed on your wish list.

Opened in 2017, Marina Park is an excellent place for your mini mermaid. Play in the waters of Balboa Bay, slide down the lighthouse slides and climb over the cobwebs for an unforgettable experience.

On the next family trip, the fantastic Marina Park must be on your list. You can choose some of your child-friendly favorites, including taking a picnic on the beach or eating on a shaded table.

When you’re in Newport Beach, it provides a memorable and safe experience for your child.

Great park balloon

Unlike all traditional 3-4-person balloons, the Great Park Balloon ride can accommodate up to 30 people. The big park balloon is more than just a hot air balloon. Do not ride a large park balloon during high winds and squalls, as this is risky.

You can see the magnificent scenery, but unfortunately, the journey lasts only 25 minutes. You can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the world at 400 miles.

People claim that on a clear day, they can see downtown Los Angeles all the way.

Be sure to check out the Big Park Balloons on your next trip. Although you can find several other things to do in Orange County, this ride is unbeatable.

Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Serene. Lush and illusory.

When you are in OC, you can enjoy a magical experience through the redwood trees. When visitors think of California, the magnificent trees are an essential staple for tourists. They reached an unimaginable height. This is just a fantastic experience.

The trees in the Carbon Canyon Regional Park are up to 100 feet high. It has a lake, nature trails, and multiple playgrounds where you can be woozy.

Experience the true blend of nature and peace in the Carbon Canyon Regional Park, where magic is flowing every time!

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