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So Many Fun Antique Stores Orange County

Hunting For Antiques Is One Of Our Favorite Things To Do Orange County


So Many Fun Antique Stores Orange County

Who doesn’t love antique stores Orange County? Treasure hunting in narrow aisles, the thrill of discovering the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one…it can be a marvelous experience. Even the smell of those places seems to touch something in us. It’s the smell of antiquity, of age, of a bygone time. We might come face-to-face with some toy or game that reminds us of our childhoods, instantly sweeping us back over the decades. There are some top-notch antique stores in Orange County, and here are some spots you simply must check out for yourself.


Heredia Antiques

This spot, located in Santa Ana on East Dyer Road, is probably best known for their furniture restoration skills. They’re the place to go to refinish 19th and 20th-century cabinets, chairs, armoires; you name it. The staff knows their stuff. They can tell you the age of a piece, the origin and style, and they’ll talk your ear off if you let them. They’re disorganized, but for the authentic antique store experience, we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you want something rare for a conversation piece: a chandelier, an old door, window, or gate, this is the place to go. Bring a vehicle large enough to haul away whatever pieces you find.


Gramma’s Attic Antiques and Treasures

Located on Gothard Street in Huntington Beach, this store boasts reasonable prices and a wide selection. You can find clothing, china, jewelry, furniture, dolls, perfume bottles, and lots more. Once again, the owners are eager to talk to you. It’s clear that this store is their passion, and they’ll be quick with a recommendation if you’re looking for a certain piece for some specific purpose. The many porcelain tea sets are one of the highlights, and it’s also much bigger than it looks from the front. You may spend a lot more time there than you originally planned.


Country Road Antiques

The last place we wanted to mention is Country Road Antiques, on Chapman Avenue in Orange. This is a very-good sized store which features both an indoor and an outdoor area. The outdoor section is mostly plants, metal, and stoneware. Inside you’ll find clocks, picture frames, sculptures, vases, patio furniture, a great selection of chandeliers, throw pillows, and so much more. It’s kind of like if you took the insides of several upscale farmhouses and jumbled them all together in one space. This is a spot where you’d be well-advised to go if you were trying to decorate your home in the shabby-chic or a French-inspired style.


With so many stores from which to choose, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for your discerning family member, or whomever else is on your list. Even if you don’t have any particular person or purpose in mind, part of the fun of antique stores is just killing time and seeing what you’ll dig up. Happy hunting, Orange County residents.    



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