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Survival Tips For Teens during COVID 19



Survival Tips For Teens during COVID 19

Being stuck indoors can sometimes feel like swimming in a fishbowl because of social distancing. The COVID-19 pandemic could be very challenging for adolescents and teens who are always on social connections and maybe missing events like prom and graduation.

This period of social distancing and self-quarantining has been hard on all of us. So it is essential to keep the brain fresh and prevent your mind from suffering from isolation, and the teenagers are no different. Don’t worry, we have these survival guides and things to do to help get you through these challenging times.

Stay Clean!

Since COVID-19 is a virus, it’s imperative to keep hygienic. Make sure to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and before and after every meal. Shower regularly. Stay six feet apart from others and always use hand sanitizer if you touch someone accidentally. 

You can also create a schedule. It will help guide your day-to-day. You can ask yourself how do you want to spend your time now that you have a little more flexibility. Check out these things to do during the week as a way to keep things balanced:

Go Outside

Being outdoor has been an excellent idea to keep you healthy. Also, the best way to see others as long as you stay six feet apart from each other. During this pandemic, a little bit of fresh air will keep us sane. Go for a walk or run. Practice your favorite sport. Have your favorite book.

Binge on Netflix or Hulu Shows

Television has always been a great way to stay entertained, relaxed, and even inspired. Thus, if you need a break from a show, run into your all-time favorite classic movies, or maybe you want to fill that sports void in your life this time.

What about virtual hangouts

The most difficult part of this social distancing time is the actual social distancing. Being away from friends and family can be awful. Have a Group FaceTime, invite your friends and host calls in Zoom, and the likes.

Finally, don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health! It can be hard to tell the difference between sadness and depression – especially for teens who may have experienced normal ups and downs. For parents and guardians, watch out for early signs of depression. Always keep an eye for red flags. Be wary if a teen wants to be alone in his/her room for a couple of days; and if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, its time to get help.

The spread of the coronavirus has turned everyone’s life upside down, almost overnight, for millions of people around the world. Being a teenager is complicated, but you are not alone. 

These suggested things to do can help teenagers get through the community quarantine due to COVID-19. Stay safe, and stay at your Orange County home! 

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