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There Are Some Unique Orange County Events Happening This Fall



There Are Some Unique Orange County Events Happening This Fall

Part of what is so special about living in the OC is that there is a menu of events taking place every season that is hard to equal anywhere in the world. No matter what motivates, touches, and excites you, it’s more than likely that you can find something to occupy yourself for an afternoon or evening. These next few weeks are no exception, so let’s dive right into our selection of Orange County events.


Annual Sandcastle Contest


Kicking it all off is the Annual Sandcastle Contest at Corona Del Mar. It’s this October 7th, and the Commodores Club of the Newport Chamber of Commerce serve as hosts. Big Corona Beach will accommodate thousands of sightseers who will gasp in astonishment at the creations that spring to life before their very eyes, conjured up out of the sand by skilled craftspeople. Whether you want to try creating some ambitious sand art yourself or you’d prefer to remain a spectator, you’ll surely be impressed by the skills on display.


Open Casa: Opening Reception for Kevin Short


Keeping with the theme of artistic events in the OC, this open house in San Clemente on the evening of October 9th offers the public a chance to see the works of Kevin Short, the acclaimed painter. Short is known for his modern landscapes featuring the American Southwest and the Pacific Coast. Vivid pigments and heavy brushstrokes make his an easily identifiable style, and the artist himself will be on hand to talk about his life, art, and influences. An avid surfer as well as a painter, Short is an integral part of the OC subculture and has been for many years.  


Harvest to Home Free Gardening Classes


Our last OC event is ongoing, and it is held on Saturdays on Red Hill Avenue in Costa Mesa. The Harvest to Home Free Gardening Classes take place outdoors, and they’re a way to learn about urban edible gardening. It’s one thing to buy your produce fresh in the grocery store, but it is even more satisfying to grow it with your own two hands. Gardeners of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels meet and compare notes and growing techniques. If you have a casual interest in gardening or you’re a seasoned pro, this is the perfect place to meet some like-minded individuals.


These Orange County events should be plenty to keep you busy, and we’ll see you next time for some more recommendations. This blog was brought to you by Toyota of Orange, the undisputed place to get the best deals on used cars Orange County.

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