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Time For Some Paintball Orange County

Nothing Gets The Blood Pumping Like Paintball Orange County


Time For Some Paintball Orange County

Have your family or coworkers ever done something that’s driven you completely crazy? It’s happened to all of us. Whether it was your husband clipping his toenails in bed or Dave stealing your yogurt out of the fridge at work, we’ve all fantasized about getting back at them for all those little aggravations. Luckily, there’s paintball. Even if you’ve never shot a gun of any kind before, you’re going to love it. The rules are easy to learn, and it can be a great team-building exercise for your work buddies, your friends, or your family. Here are the best spots to strap on your gear and step onto the battlefield for a day.


Jungle Island Paintball

Located in Lake Elsinore, they have a wide variety of packages, whether you’re coming as part of a group or as a walk-on. You can bring your weapon and protective gear, or they can provide it for you. Most of the packages include all-day admission, and there are several “fields,” all of them outdoors, on which you blast away at your loved ones or perfect strangers. The staff is very helpful to newcomers, and the prices are reasonable. Hiding behind the junked cars and scrap parts will make you think you’ve stepped into the post-apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead.


Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park

This is an outdoor paintball venue where you can also play with soft pellets. There are lots of movie remnants to hide behind, and there’s also a rock wall and other attractions. The refs seem to enjoy their jobs, and the gameplay is the right amount of time for you to get a good workout and build up an appetite. If you do plan on eating there, you might want to bring your own grub if you’re looking for something substantial. They only have drinks, chips, candy bars, and other snack foods.


SC Village Paintball and Airsoft Park

This might be the granddaddy of them all, an enormous facility that boasts twenty-five different fields. Their specialty is massive weekend events, and they cater to both beginners and pros. The prices are also very reasonable, especially if you come as part of a group. This might be the place to go if you’re getting a little more serious about the sport. You can even join a league if you like. Whatever your experience level, you’re going to love it here.

Paintball is so remarkable in the way that it can bring people out of their shells. There’s something about being part of the team and blasting away that boosts the adrenaline and binds people together, which is why it’s so fun for friends, work groups, or anyone else who wants to create a sense of camaraderie with each other. So load up your weapon, stay safe, and do some damage. An unforgettable experience awaits.    


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