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We’ve Got A Line On The Best Motorcycle Shops Orange County

Here Are Some Superior Motorcycle Shops Orange County


We’ve Got A Line On The Best Motorcycle Shops Orange County

California has always been synonymous with motorcycles. Driving through the narrow winding canyons of Southern Cali on your hog, the wind in your hair, tearing up the road, gunning the engine to scare the daylights out of people…it sounds like fun, doesn’t it? There are some fantastic motorcycle shops Orange County, and here are a few where you’re the most likely to find the chopper you’ve been dreaming about.


OC Motorcycle


This is a chain, but the one we went to is on Enterprise Street in Costa Mesa. They do have motorcycles for sale, but probably the best thing about this outfit is that they also rent. If you’re visiting the OC or if you’re not yet committed enough to buy, you can take possession of one of these beautiful pieces of machinery for just a few hours, or for as long as a week, whatever you like. They have Harley Davidson Fat Boys and Heritage Softail, and Maximo and Jim are always excited to talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each model.


Lifestyle Cycles


In Anaheim on North State College Boulevard is this showroom and accessory store in one, where in addition to a wide range of vehicles, they also have all sorts of jackets, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, customized helmets, and all kinds of other accessories. They specialize in pre-owned Harley’s, and this is the place to sell your ride and get the best price for it as well as to peruse their selection of refurbished ones. The prices are very reasonable, and they’re willing to haggle a little if you’re making a trade or if you’ve got cash-in-hand. They’ve got Stone Choppers, Street Glides, and other popular varieties just begging for you to take a test run.


Cycle City Motorsports


In Irvine on Rockfield Blvd, this shop has an impressive inventory of spare parts, so if your ride isn’t sounding quite right, they’ll be glad to take a look at it and diagnose the problem. Their mechanics have seen it all before, so they’ll be able to identify what’s happening and give you the best price on fixing it up. In addition to full-size motorcycles, they also specialize in motocross and street creations. This is the place to go with your older ride, too, as they have parts for models dating back to the 60’s and 70’s.


The appeal of the motorcycle and the open road isn’t for everyone. There’s some who will find the perceived danger prohibitive, but for a particular type of person, there’s nothing like hopping on one of these beasts for the first time and feeling the power when you gun the engine. If that’s for you, then check out these shops, and make some new friends. Remember to wear your helmet, be respectful of other riders at all times, and stay safe out there.


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