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Explore These Standout Pet Stores Orange County

These Pet Stores Orange County Will Have You Wagging Your Tail With Happiness


Explore These Standout Pet Stores Orange County

Have you felt recently like you needed some companionship in your life? You might want to check out a dating app, but maybe you’re not feeling up to a human relationship at the moment. If that’s the case, then a pet may be more your speed. There are so many options. Are you a conventional cat or dog person? Do you opt for the exotic, like a python or a ferret? Whether you’re looking for the scaly, furry, or feathery, we’ve got you covered, as we explore the wild world of pet stores Orange County.


Super Pets


In Orange on East Chapman Avenue is this animal haven, where the staff is friendly, and the selection of pet products is among the best around. They usually have a sizeable choice of birds and fish, rats, mice, and other rodents, and they do have puppies and kittens on occasion, though not a huge selection of those. They also have bunnies, lizards, turtles, and some other reptiles, so if you went there without a specific pet in mind, there might be something that catches your eye. The staff is helpful, clearly pet owners themselves, as they will answer any question you have. They also have a rewards program, and twice a year they have a twenty percent off everything in the store sale. Watch for those.


Pet Supply


On Culver Drive in Irvine, this is another decent-sized store, with a better than average selection of animals toys and products, including leashes, medications for dogs and cats, and lots of accessories for aquatic pets. As far as the animals themselves, you’ll have to look elsewhere. You can stock up on food, litter, and treats, but other than crickets and mice that are intended as food rather than pets, you won’t find anything here to cuddle. On the plus side, the salespeople have plenty of suggestions about the best vets, groomers, and dog parks in the area.


The Puppy Store


If you’ve decided that you need a new pooch, then this has to be your best bet. In Santa Ana on North Main Street, this is a rescue organization that specializes in finding homes for younger dogs. You never know quite what their selection is going to be, since dogs come in from all over, and they’re seldom purebreds. Check their website before you go so you can see what’s on offer at any given time. The best thing about this spot is that the staff cares a lot about their dogs, and you can expect to go through a serious round of questioning and paperwork. It’s worth it, though, when your loveable bundle of joy jumps into your arms and licks your face for the first time.


We hope that you find the pet that suits you best, and that the two of you enjoy many years together, with plentiful treats and head scratches for all. See you next time.   


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