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Top Reasons Why You Should Head to These Anaheim Spots



Top Reasons Why You Should Head to These Anaheim Spots

From The Anaheim Packing House to the New MAKE Building, there are a variety of places to visit and things to do in Orange County

The city of Anaheim is still in its infancy – and the city is constantly evolving. New restaurants are booming, the breweries are popping up all over the place, and versatile boutiques are now on the streets.

For those of you who do not know, Anaheim recently launched a $6 billion destination investment to promote the city’s boom. It includes four new luxury hotels, Disneyland’s New Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, and a remodeling of the Conference Center.

Visitors, however, continue to pay attention to the Platinum Triangle of the Angels Stadium, Honda Center, City Country Grove Anaheim, and the new traffic hotspot ARCTIC.

My love for Anaheim goes beyond simply the magical Disneyland because the city offers a lot! Let me take you through all the places and things to do in Orange County that you will fall in love with too!

House of Blues Anaheim

When House of Blues Anaheim says, “let you cover everything from day to day”, they’re not kidding! From killer nightlife to gospel brunch (and the most amazing brunch experience ever!), House of Blues is more than just a venue. 

Here, you can bring your favorite foodies, dance, or rock fans, where everyone will have the time in life.

Bring your children on weekends from 11 am to 4 pm, where 12 years old and below are free! A children’s menu is not only full of finger-licking dishes such as mini cheeseburgers and cheese. 

For ‘Showtime’s, I recommend paying attention to their event calendar – they always sell incredible offers, and you never know what a big show will be!

MAKE building

The MAKE building is housed in wine barrels and features decorative glass bottles on the sidewalk. It is a MUST see sweet spot in downtown Anaheim if you are searching for things to do in Orange County

Initially built in 1917 as a marmalade factory, this remodeled and the reimagined site is now your go-to  Insta station for any OC visit!

Unsung Brewing Company is a beautiful place with beers inspired after the staff’s favorite superheroes! The owner, Mike Crea, created a happy site for beer and comic book nerds. 

Mike loves comic books and superheroes, so every flagship beer is related to the character he thinks; their story matches the ingredients in the beer. The characters are painted on a bright lime-green wall for reference (and talent).

Try “Anthia” Indian ale to taste the fruity flavor of pineapple and mango. Inside MAKE, the wine-based restaurants and grill restaurants can cater to your other needs.

The Anaheim Packinghouse

This place is the center of delicious food, desserts, and drinks that you hope will never end. Their bowls are full of flavor, and the shrimp, chicken, and surimi are perfectly seasoned.

The owner has preserved family recipes passed down through generations, meaning that they will not disappoint! If you like hot dogs, check out the new Doggone Good Soda Dogs; it will be your favorite decorative hot dog and customizable soda and float.

For desserts, you must go to Pandor Bakery for their O.M.G bar. Filled with cream cheese and butter, and topped with powdered sugar, the desserts will tickle your taste buds.


There are 12 amazing breweries in the city from their classic flagship Anaheim 1888 beer to their 100-year-old Oktoberfest recipe, each beer has a lot of flavors and local history lessons.

But for those coffee addicts (and you know who you are), Noble’s famous Naughty Sauce beer combines the coffee of Portola Coffee Lab with the stout beer of oatmeal, milk, and sugar!

Beautifully designed, the newly opened Karl Strauss Brewing Company is a must-visit during your stay. And if you need affordable transportation during your visit reach out Irvine car dealerships.

Center Street Promenade

Let the flashing lights of this street in Anaheim illuminate your discovery! They have a place for everyone, yoga mats for yoga lovers, inks and beams for writers, cheese shops for cheese wizards and lovers, but Pour Vida Latin flavor are for everyone. Once you taste their tempura tacos, your taste buds will bookmark it, and you will be craving more.

RARE Goodwill is suitable for all my fashionistas! From women’s and men’s clothes and shoes to books, and the area you’ll listen to before you buy a classic record, it’s sure to bring you this style. Don’t worry. I see your future wardrobe renovation.


Grab a group of your friends to check out Flightdeck to have a unique one-of-a-kind flight simulation experience!

In addition to the cool Top Gun-esque flight suit (but no aviator sunglasses), it’s exciting and will make your competitors stand out!

In the experience, you will get a 30-minute class presentation, directions in the cockpit (with lots of buttons), take-off, dog-fights with other jets, and multiple landings. Engage in a magnificent air-battle on a spectacular scale! And best of all, the starting package is only $59. 

So are you ready to take off?

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