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Coffee Shops in Newport Beach That Will Give You Life in the Morning



Coffee Shops in Newport Beach That Will Give You Life in the Morning

Hit up these places and things to do in Orange County if you are a coffee addict and tea lover!

Whether it’s a local brewing from Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, from pink espresso machine to a famous Australian barista, coffee brings you back that lost morning energy!

If you have no idea about things to do in Orange County, here is a list of 16 best cafes in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa you can visit. Thank us later, but first, let’s help you find the best coffee shop!

Australian Coffee – Common Room Roasters

If you are curious about how Australians make coffee, now is your chance. Did you know Common Room Roasters originated in Australia? It is a full-functioning roastery where you can actually watch them roasting coffee on the spot! 

Come Here for A-Latte Art – Balboa Lily’s

Balboa Lily’s is located in Balboa Village and serves one of the most popular drinks in town. Tickle your taste buds with Chocolate Almond Coconut Mocha, made from homemade chocolate ganache, coconut, and almond natural syrup, and decorated with beautiful Latte art.

More Mocha Moka Mocha – Portola Coffee Roasters

OC Mix is ​​known for its beautiful store and restaurant community, and Portola Coffee Roasters is one of the highlights of OC Mix – the pursuit of perfection.

New Community Cafe – Kane Coffee

If you are tired of Starbucks coffee, head to Kéan Café for a new, modern twist and taste the delicious home-roasted coffee.

Some of the most famous coffee drinks are the Turkish latte, mixed with different spices, thick creamy milk and some cardamom on top. 

Bad means good – Bad coffee

Don’t let the names of their coffee shops deceive you – try Yelp’s famous iced vanilla latte and their crunchy croissants!

This café is so affordable that you can take their coffee every day without breaking your wallet. It also has a simple, lovely, clean and concise aesthetic for you to visit every day.

Not enough coffee in the coffee – Alta Coffee

Located in the village of Cannery, Alta Coffee used to be an old bookstore that has been demolished and turned into a wholesale coffee warehouse. Fresh hot coffee is being sold at the side door.

Just coffee…and water? – Thunder King

Yes, you read it right. The only ingredients used in Thunder King’s famous flagship cold brew are – coffee and water 

Located in the SOCIAL Costa Mesa, this special coffee shop is unique, replicating the feeling of a classic bar because of their iced coffee drinks in beer and cocktail glasses.

Not your grandma’s coffee shop – Coffee Dose

Coffee Dose’s husband and wife owners, Oscar and Jeni Castro, claim that they have perfected the best “anti-bitch serum”! Visit Coffee Dose if you need real coffee to wake you up in the morning. 

Drinks and the entire store itself are definitely worthy of Instagram. For your planned trip to Orange County, updating your IG feed with good pictures is a must.

Out of the blue – Bluebottle coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee has a rich history and traces its origins all the way back to the 1600s! The first-ever coffee spot in Central Europe was founded by Franz George Kolshitsky, who discovered coffee after a battle with Turkish soldiers.

Lost in coffee – Lost Bean Organic Coffee and Tea

Give these hidden gems a shot, if all the coffee places in Orange County were not enough for you. Everything is baked on site in The Lost Bean, as it sources 100% organic coffee beans and raw materials from natural sights.

They also have good chai blend from scratch, mainly including loose leaf tea, if coffee is not your thing.

Wakeup! – Daydream Surf Shop

Waking up may be a nightmare, but Daydream is your solution. With their coffee beans being baked exclusively by SightGlass Coffee in San Francisco, this surf shop slanted coffee station is a great place to go grab a coffee or a beer with your loved ones! 

For a slight bubble in your morning brew, try their espresso float. 

Superior Cake Coffee – Premium Cake 3 Premium Cake

Haute Cakes has been recently renovated to introduce the new flavors while still being a favorite of traditional fans. This local hotel offers great brews by the cupful to keep un-caffeinated customers happy and hooked! It is the perfect spot if you wish to spend your time at bay and have some of the best avocado toast while you are in OC. Oh, did we mention that they have some of the best avocado toast in town?

Honor coffee – Brewtiful feeling

The only thing that feels better than the warmth of a hug is a cup of delicious coffee. Honor Coffee is perfectly matched with pastries from local suppliers such as Blackmarket Bakery, and just like their curated coffee, their aesthetic is clean and simple. If chai lattes are your thing, then the expertly brewed in-house latte is something you should try. 

To legit to quit – Kit

Check out their matcha latte options and less-caffeinated chai. Their menu has a wide variety of toasts, from sweet to salty, and will surely satisfy. Just sit back and taste these Javanese joints this café offers!

While this spot is famous for coffee, but you can also find a great array of green dishes available for sale. 

Driving all night – Sidecar donuts and coffee

There is something amazing about their drip coffee and doughnuts. If you feel extra sleepy, we recommend that you taste a very creamy nitro cold brew from Sidecar donuts and coffee – Oh! So creamy!!

Pour it up – Vacant coffee

This quaint, compact coastal coffee shop is a typical one-stop shop for conquering quality caffeine. All are welcome to stop at this popular PCH stop and enjoy the Australian influence.

Before you leave Orange County, make sure you visit cars for sale in Orange County, for maybe you will take your favorite car back home. 

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