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Types of Bee Removal


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Types of Bee Removal

Did you know that there are different kinds of bee removal? According to experts in the field, there are a lot of factors that go into deciding how a swarm or infestation should be resolved for customers. Typically, bee removal can be split into two categories: live and extermination. However, there are various methods within the live removal category which we will explain below: 

Different Types of Live Bee Removal

Live Removal without Pesticides

This removal process includes using a vacuum to capture the bees when they are alive. However, if a bee removal company does not use specialized equipment, then this process can end up killing and injuring a lot of the bees. So, this process does not necessarily preserve the hive in the process. The only benefit to this process is if a household does not want to use pesticides to get rid of the infestation.

Live Catch and Release

Another type of bee removal that you might come across is when experts capture the bees in a humane way and then release them in an isolated area where they cannot bother humans. This process is more kind toward the bees. However, companies that do not complete this task within legal boundaries may end up relocating the bees to another residential property (which may cause more problems down the line). 

Live Removal and Authorized Relocation

For more eco-conscious bee removal experts, it is important to relocate hives to a place where they can survive. Essentially, this method gently removes the infestation from residential property and transfers them to a beehive box. However, this strategy does not necessarily ensure that the hive will be taken care of on a long-term basis. They may be placed in a reserved spot, but they may not have the proper sustenance or systematic balance to prosper. 

Live Removal, Authorized Relocation, and Care

For bee preservation, this method is the only way to ensure that a humane removal assists in keeping the hive alive. Bee removal experts can take the swarm to a beekeeper, farm, or apiary so that they can be cared for and bred according to their natural needs. This is the ideal consequence of calling bee removal experts; however, it is not always possible.

Unfortunately, extermination is the most common (and necessary) strategy for getting rid of an infestation. The reason for this is the safety of the occupants. When bees are in a tricky location, it may be the only answer to completely removing them from the premises. For example, infestations have been found buried in backyard trees, granite boulders, concrete, and sign poles. In these cases, it’s nearly impossible to remove them alive. However, if they are left to their devices, they threaten the lives of people nearby.

Many people are allergic to bee stings, which is why it is so important to call bee removal experts when noticing a bee problem. Bee removal experts often exterminate hives because the infestations are caused by Africanized bees (instead of normal honey bees).  This species is more aggressive than normal bees and thus poses a threat to vulnerable individuals. Live removals are ideal, but they are not always the safest or smartest strategy. 

Since there are so many types of removal techniques, it is best to leave the decision to your professional bee removal service.

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