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Why is Designstein Studios The Best Product Design Company in Costa Mesa?



Why is Designstein Studios The Best Product Design Company in Costa Mesa?

Creating quality product design services is challenging, but trying to sell them while juggling a full-time job, a family, and personal life is even more difficult. In addition, depending on the scope and complexity, the cost of tooling development and placing the first order for a production run can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before even attempting to sell the product independently, most inventors lack the time or resources to dedicate to this. 

Due to this, most self-employed inventors collaborate with product design companies to license their goods and receive royalties. However, if you try to do it alone, getting your product approved by another business can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Well-versed in all the areas of licensing, we work with our network of companies to negotiate a contract where the company licensing the product also covers the cost of tooling, testing, manufacturing, and sales of your product through their established distribution and sales channels. However, we go about things differently than the larger licensing firms, which don’t focus on independent inventors like you. So what’s so special about us?

DesignStein is your all-in-one product design and development company.

We will ask DesignStein to assist you in submitting your product to licensors. If you were working with a primary licensing organization, you would have to find a new product design and return to the original one. This can occasionally go back and forth several times, resulting in delays and additional revision costs on your end. With DesignStein, that is not the case. We provide a comprehensive strategy. After a company expresses interest, if your product needs modifications for licensing, we will make them internally, and not only that, we will make them without charge. We want to be your partner and take some of the stress out of the licensing process for you.

We have strong connections.

DesignStein regularly submits ideas and has contracts and connections with numerous businesses across numerous industries. Our concept submissions frequently get bumped to the top of the stack because of our established relationships with these businesses, giving you preference over other submitted concepts and allowing you to bypass the internal chain of approvals to be reviewed by senior executives. With many of these connections, we have negotiated agreements for higher licensing percentages and raised percentages based on increasing volumes over time. For instance, one of our connections may have royalty rates that begin at X percent. However, when they sell X units in a quarter, your majesty increases to X+1 percent. Ultimately, our connections help you keep more money in your wallet.

We enjoy working with independent inventors.

DesignStein enjoys working with independent inventors for various reasons, including their passion, innovative ideas, open minds, and willingness to collaborate. We want to work with you to turn your vision into something tangible, taking your dream and making it real. We are uniquely positioned to forge enduring relationships with our clients because we handle everything internally, including design, manufacturing support, and licensing. Our product design services gain success if you do.

So, are you prepared to begin using DesignStein? Get in touch with us right now by emailing

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