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Why the Great Pacific Air Show Should Be A Favorite Amongst Orange County Events



Why the Great Pacific Air Show Should Be A Favorite Amongst Orange County Events


Are you someone who loves planes? Are you looking for Orange County events that align with your love of planes? Then you are greatly in luck as the Great Pacific Air show is making a comeback after being on hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic. If you’re waiting for an airshow to blow your expectations away with fantastic and dynamic maneuvers and tricks, you need not look further than this event.

This display is going to be performed at the Huntington Beach pier, where the main performance will be shown. It is also the venue where the performers practice, allowing the people to have a glimpse of what is to come beforehand. 

You’ll also want to decide where you’re going to be standing for the event. There is different pricing depending on where exactly you’re going to stand, so here is a tier for 2019’s event to give you an idea of how it will be:

  • Drop Zone, $20: Will give you the position within the middle of the shoreline of the show..not a bad seating by any means, but you will not be allowed to bring Coolers with you.
  • Pier Seating, $30: These seats will be given to those who are quicker on the draw with ticket purchases
  • Reserved Tables, $100 per person: What makes this seating so pricey and in some cases so worth it is the catering, food, drinks, private seating, and an excellent view of the show. 

This air show will also feature a plethora of different air units that will come to this performance and put on a show for everyone involved. Some of these air units include popular names that people would recognize at a glance, such as the Blue Angels, the Golden Knights, and the Snowbirds, adding some star power to this Orange County Event. What makes it even better is that the performers are not limited to the names that were listed, leaving many more to come and making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Plus, if the timing is right, you may even have the chance to meet some of these pilots in person, making the experience even more memorable for yourself.

Keep in mind, however, that weather will be a great factor for how the performance will go and if it even happens in the first place. If it rains, then the show has to be suspended or even canceled. Remember this factor so that you are not caught by surprise when such news pops up.


This is an air spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. The amount of stunts and maneuvers that these pilots can pull off is spectacular and mesmerizing. Just make sure that you get the spot you want when it comes to viewing the show and bring the necessary equipment to protect you from the sun should it prove to be hot.  

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