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Why You Should Visit Knott’s Berry Farm



Why You Should Visit Knott’s Berry Farm

There are a plethora of amusement parks that you can go to when in Orange County. However, one amusement park with the humbling origins you have to go to is Knott’s Berry Farm. What once started as a berry farm now boasts rides, mascots, and a display of food beyond your wildest dreams that the entire family can enjoy together. Here we shall go over some of the attractions that make the Knotts Berry farm stand out, putting them at the top of the list of things to do in Orange County this summer. 

Camp Snoopy

If there is a location that you would want to bring your kids to, it would be Camp Snoopy, where the Peanuts characters can be found, like Charlie Brown and Snoopy the dog. Rides like the Sierra Sidewinder and Charlie Brown’s Kite flyers will definitely be your kids’ favorites in a heartbeat. If you want your kids to thank you for this trip, bringing them is a sure recipe for success.

Fiesta Village

If you’re looking for a Hispanic theme for your trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, then Fiesta Village will be just what the doctor ordered. Here, you’ll find rides like La Revolucion and Montezuma’s Revenge, which will give you a unique ride experience. You can also enjoy some Hispanic-themed food which is fitting with the location. 

Old West Ghost Town

One of the oldest and biggest homestays for Knott’s Berry Farm is Old West Ghost Town. It looks like an old western-themed area from the late 1800s. Have a blast in the past by enjoying a great assortment of rides like Calico River rapids, a white water rafting ride that will soak you and get your blood pumping. Aside from the rides, you’ll also see gunslingers having standoffs. There are also bars available to adults who need to quench their thirst with sarsaparilla or boysenberry beer. The Old West Ghost Town is an excellent area to visit for all ages, especially older ones.

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk, with its multitude of rides like the high-reaching Hang Time or Surfside gliders, will keep you and your family entertained. There’s even a stage and a theatre with plenty of seats for groups to sit and watch prime-time entertainment performed by the amusement park staff. 


When thinking of things to do in Orange County and considering where the whole family will enjoy, then pop on by to Knott’s Berry Farm and experience full entertainment.

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