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6 Contemporary Art Galleries in Orange County



6 Contemporary Art Galleries in Orange County

Everyone is born as an artist, and art opens up the mind to the world of imagination. Thanks to plenty of art galleries that expose visitors to exciting and new forms of expression throughout Orange County, you will be able to see various channels of creativity flowing here. 

What to do in Orange County? Even if the summer is over, the art shows and art events are not! Brace yourself as now’s the time to take in all these opportunities. Orange County is home to art events, art studios, museums, galleries, and art shows which frequently take place all year round. Featuring countless media – from painting and sculpture to video installations and other digital media – The works that appear in these galleries have one thing in common: they want to convey the creator’s message to the audience. 

Explore the rich cultural landscape of the Orange County art with these six top art galleries in Anaheim and the surrounding area.

MUZEO Museum and Cultural Center, 241 South Anaheim Avenue, Anaheim

Through its creative programs, the Muzeo Museum and Culture Center explores and helps the community celebrate diverse arts, culture, and heritage. The center can walk you through the local history of Anaheim. This state-of-the-art museum host three national and international travel exhibitions each year, including its current exhibition “Deconstructing Freedom: A Destiny Performance.”

Featuring a massive list of permanent and traveling exhibits, and the unique art events that depict stunning architectural design, your visit to the Anaheim is not complete without going to Muzeo. The onsite Carnegie Gallery dates back to 1908, which was initially designed with the help of a $10,000 grant.

Through performances, installations, videos, and photography, artists question traditionally the ideas associated with American freedom because they resonate in the form of collective identity on a global scale. 

MUZEO’s 25,000-square-foot complex also includes the original Carnegie Library in Anaheim, built-in 1908. Until 1960 this place served as a library, a museum in 1987 before it flicked to be a complete part of Muzeo experience a decade back. It offers flanking shopping experience, and luxury living, and the Muzeo is nestled perfectly into the urban environment. 

The Grand Central Art Center, 125 North Broadway, Santa Ana

The Grand Central Art Center is the result of a collaboration between California State Fullerton and Santa Ana City. This sprawling complex is dedicated to the exploration of art events, and visual culture in Orange County through the collaboration of community, students, and artists and serves as a multi-purpose creative center. Furthermore, the center is being established by the locals. Therefore it is committed to include all the communities of Santa Ana by creating free public programming. 

Each year, four to six exhibitions are held in the Grand Central Art Gallery, the project room and the teaching gallery. A wide variety of contemporary works – from sound installations and video presentations to paintings – motivate viewers to reflect on their identity, community, and culture. The admission to all the exhibitions at Grand Central Art Center is free to the public so make sure you include a visit to this art gallery on your list of what to do in Orange County during your trip.

Magoski’s Art Colony, 223 West Santa Fe Avenue, Fullerton

The creative hotspot in downtown Fullerton is the collective of galleries and artist studios, and the first Friday of each month opens the door to the public for the city’s art walks. 

Each of the first Fridays of the Magoski Arts Colony is an adventure that introduces visitors to the incredible talents of the unknown artists and the thought-provoking work planned in the gallery space of Hibbleton. You can enjoy a self-guided tour of the museum, art studio, and art galleries. This place aims to strengthen community, art, and culture through celebration and diversity. 

Contemporary Art Center, 117 North Cocamore Street, Santa Ana

The non-profit arts center focuses on social engagement. It has gallery space in the heart of the artist village in downtown Santa Ana. 

The reviewed exhibitions sound for businesses and groups that want to create shockwaves through art regardless of the medium. In addition to rotating works, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art also offers regular programs such as movies, concerts, plays, and workshops.

Center Gallery, 250 East Center Street, Anaheim

Located in the heart of the downtown community center of Anaheim, the central gallery houses the vibrant art district of the city.

A rotating gallery showcases the work of artists from Anaheim and the surrounding SoCal region, providing a place for these talented people to showcase their work for six to eight weeks.

Artist Gallery, Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is not all about the sun-kissed beaches, but it’s also about the bustling evening art walks, art events, museums, and the art galleries. The Artist Gallery is located on the beautiful Laguna Beach in California. It features a variety of original artwork from 16 outstanding Southern California artists. 

The gallery offers a variety of beautiful oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, and photographic art, as well as sculpture masterpieces.

Enjoy the various art galleries in Orange County. We’ll be back next time with more suggestions, and don’t forget to drop by Toyota of Orange, one of the leading car dealers near Santa Ana.

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