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Challenge Your Skills At The National Puzzle Day



Challenge Your Skills At The National Puzzle Day

USA National Puzzle Day Celebration in Orange County 

Happy National Puzzle Day 2020! Puzzle Day is celebrated each year on January 29th. It is a day to reflect on the challenges we encounter every day. Life can be a puzzle in itself! 

This holiday may not be as widely celebrated as Thanksgiving or the 4th of July, but, over the years, it has gradually surpassed the typical hashtag holiday. Regardless of age, people come together to discuss and play their favorite puzzles.

Some puzzles are difficult to solve. Solving these problems requires some unique skills. Like a Jigsaw puzzle that comes in various pieces, this event includes crossword puzzles, word searches, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and Rubik’s cube.

Games such as crossword puzzles and word searches are very helpful in improving people’s vocabulary and language skills. On the other hand, games like Sudoku and Rubik’s cube are beneficial for developing people’s mathematical and logic-based skills.

Jigsaw puzzles can help improve people’s vision and patience. So, whether it’s a crossword puzzle, word search, or jigsaw, National Puzzle Day is a great excuse to play before work.

History of National Puzzle Day 

Jodi Jill, a professional puzzle maker and syndicate maker, created National Puzzle Day in 2002 to express her joy in solving puzzles. She developed a classroom lesson for National Puzzle Day, and, since then, the celebration of Puzzle Day has grown.

Playing jigsaw puzzles can bring not only entertainment but also some benefits to your brain. Solving puzzles in the morning before you get to work will speed up your brain. Puzzle-solving will help kids work together and improve their problem-solving skills. Also, it will increase creativity, concentration, and memory.

Benefits of playing puzzle games

Puzzle games at Orange County events are not only a great source of fun, but they also educate adults and children in research skills, spelling and language skills, reasoning skills, concentration, and creativity.

Puzzle games force players to use their common sense, memory, spatial images, logic, and problem-solving skills to solve puzzles. As a result, it raises the player’s IQ level.

In children, puzzle games enhance the ability to visualize and understand associations. In adults, it can improve their language skills, vocabulary, spelling, and research skills.

 A puzzle game involving partners will help people learn how to coordinate, share, lead, and follow others.

Why we like National Puzzle Day among all other Orange County Events

It makes you happy

Recent research shows that people who participate in collaborative games such as puzzles develop a better sense of well-being. Challenging jigsaw puzzles ultimately bring a sense of joy to the player, which is why this is such a popular Orange County event.

Finishing a puzzle brings a sense of accomplishment

Puzzle players can enjoy a sense of accomplishment not only in the personal sense, but also in a community sense. The feeling of completing the last few steps of a puzzle with your best friend is priceless. 

Facts and figures for National Puzzle Day 2019:

  • Official name: National Puzzle Day 2020
  • Official date: January 29, 2020
  • Social Media Tags: #NationalPuzzleDay

How to celebrate National Puzzle Day

Celebrating National Puzzle Day is easy. Choose a short puzzle in the morning before going to work, school, college, or anything. That’s how you can train your mind to do some magic. 

You can create a puzzle party and solve it with friends and family. Study the history of the puzzle and its benefits. Use pictures to post celebrations on social media using the #PuzzleDay tag.

Follow the #NationalPuzzleDay hashtag. Toyota of Orange, number 1 among car dealerships near Santa Ana, sponsors this blog.  

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