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Come And Enjoy One Of The Most Exciting Orange County Events: The 40th Cypress Community Festival



Come And Enjoy One Of The Most Exciting Orange County Events: The 40th Cypress Community Festival

Many festivals take place within Orange County. If you want to experience one such festival that is going strong since it is on its 40th anniversary, then the annual Cypress festival is the place to be. Even though it’s only for 2 days, it is an event in Orange County to look forward to with its car show, huge runs, cook-offs, and other games. It displays just how much fun you and the family can have at this event you decide to come on over during the 8th and 9th of October.


For those who want to enjoy some high-quality music, the concert for this event will take place on the festival’s first day, from 6 pm to 9 pm. Knyght Ryder will be there to entertain festival-goers with some good old-fashioned 80s era music! With just a mere $10 per person, except for local kids wearing sports uniforms, you and the rest of your group can go out and enjoy the music. There’s even an area made for children to enjoy exclusively, ensuring that they’re also going to have fun!


Don’t just limit yourself to the concert, however! There’s plenty of booths and vendors for you to visit to satisfy you and your family’s curiosity. You can find game booths that you can win prizes at, and there’s plenty of variety to make both the adults and the kids happy with what they can use! There will also be art vendors available, so you can purchase all sorts of arts and crafts that are unique to the area.

Car show and other stands

You’re also going to love the other attractions at the event. One of these is the classic car show which will feature some of the best cars from yesteryear. There will also be beer stands for adults who want to drink while enjoying the show. Festival-goers will also have the opportunity to taste the chili and salsa available at booths.

For the Kids

You can also find things to keep the kids occupied! They’ll have several obstacles and games such as the rugged ninja warrior course, laser tag, etc so they can stay occupied. There’s even a petting zoo for them to meet cute barnyard animals and vendors dedicated to their needs.


Come to one of the best Orange County events within the area, and you’ll find that the Cypress annual festival will be just what will tick off your list. It’s the perfect festival for you and the family to enjoy! You can click HERE for the complete details of the festival.

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