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Come to the Irvine Global Village Festival – One of the Best Orange County Events You’ll Enjoy!



Come to the Irvine Global Village Festival – One of the Best Orange County Events You’ll Enjoy!

Are you perhaps looking for an event in Orange County that represents multiple cultures blended into one festival that happens annually? Are you looking for such an event that can provide you food, entertainment, and memories to reminisce with the rest of the family? Then come to the Irvine Global Village Festival this October 9 and discover how such an event can give you exactly what you need in terms of the above-mentioned amenities.


The Irvine Global Village Festival is a cultural festival where more than one culture is on display through the many booths and exhibits you’ll find there. It is an international marketplace where you can purchase items and memorabilia exclusive to the culture you are interested in. 


The idea of Irvine’s multicultural festival was sewn in 1988 by a group of individuals who wanted to bridge the cultural divides of the people who live in California. The festival went on and off until finally in 2002 when the global festival received more support from people leading it to become an annual festival. It helped form the Irvine multicultural association, which is in charge of organizing the event every year. Thus it was awarded the best festival by OC Weekly in 2009. With the 20th anniversary of the event just around the corner, this upcoming festival is looking to be bigger than ever.


There will be many different vendors for you to shop at the festival. For example, there are artisans that will display work from their own respective cultures, which you can purchase. There will also be food ranging from the relatively cheap prices of $3-$6 that, much like the work of the artisans, are also unique to a certain culture. 

Other Festivities

Beyond enjoying the food and whatever unique items you could possibly get your hands on, there’s also the shoebox parade which you can personally participate in by creating a shoebox float of your own, allowing almost everyone to get involved! There will also be a diverse range of music, elaborate dances, and even a village for kids to enjoy so that they don’t feel left out of the party.


The Irvine Global Village Festival is definitely the place to be for those looking to enjoy and experience the multiple cultures being featured and put on display. Out of the many Orange County events that take place in this city, you’re going to find it difficult to find one more popular than this. 

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