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Going To The Reptile Zoo Should Be On Your List Of Things To Do In Orange County



Going To The Reptile Zoo Should Be On Your List Of Things To Do In Orange County

When you visit Orange County in search of things to do, there will come times when you want to visit more exotic areas with creatures that you could only see at a zoo or online. If you’re indeed looking to experience such, then The Reptile Zoo is the place for you. Living up to its name and hosting a wide range of reptiles that can wow your eyes as well as your mind as to their origins, this is the place to be if you want to learn more about a diverse range of reptiles in the area.


The Reptile Zoo started in 1988 as Pet Country. The young and idealistic group responsible for its beginnings was initially focused on providing homes for unique creatures. Their focus eventually shifted towards educating the public on the reptiles they brought to the store in order for people to better understand and in turn better take care of them. Eventually being rebranded as The Reptile Zoo in 2009, many events have been conducted by the organization to help rescued reptiles not only find homes but to be better comprehended by the people who could take care of them in the future.

The Animals

You’re going to find many exotic animals ranging from amphibians, arachnids, and reptiles of varying types that originate from across the globe. You’re going to have the opportunity to see creatures under the venomous snake family such as the gaboon viper and the infamous Mojave rattlesnake. There will be incredible lizards such as the bearded lizard, the blue-tongued skink, and even the caiman lizard. There’s no shortage of different animals that you’re going to find including crocodilians, fish, geckos, and the likes.


For those who want to enter The Reptile Zoo, the admission fee is $15 for adults, $10 for kids, and free for those who are under the age of 3. On the other hand, if you want annual access because you’re expecting to make repeated trips to the zoo, then, the $85 passport will be what you need to purchase.

Other Perks

You can also pay to be a part of other experiences within the zoo such as having an exclusive feeding experience, which will allow you to feed an animal of your choice its food for around 15 minutes. You can even be a part of a program of shadowing a zookeeper to know just what it takes to fill such a job if that’s what you want to be!


Without a doubt, you’ll have a blast visiting this specially made and designed zoo and enjoy the many unique animals within. If you love the idea of deepening your understanding of the many reptiles, amphibians, and other curious creatures throughout the world then, include this on your list of things to do in Orange County

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