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Visiting Citrus State Park Can be One of the Memorable Things to do in Orange County



Visiting Citrus State Park Can be One of the Memorable Things to do in Orange County

If you’re in the mood to appreciate the citrus industry in California, then taking a trip to the California Citrus State Historical Park is a must. For those looking for things to do in Orange County, you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn from the state park after a simple visit!


To appreciate and understand the significance of this state park, one needs to know how and why it came to be. The history of the state park started way back to 1873 when Eliza Tibbets sent two navel orange trees. From here, a great deal of growth sprung, and even greater harvests resulted. An agricultural boom erupted as a result of this growth. Soon the orange harvesting business began to boom under certain land barons looking to turn a profit from this new industry within the area. So, in turn, it was only natural to have a state park dedicated to the progress of such a large, growing agricultural industry. 


Given that this is a state park, expect to understand how this park came to be through some historical context given by the tour guides. Tours last for an hour and occur from 10-11 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Depending on the season through which you have the trip, there may even be fruits available to harvest and taste. 

Field Trips

Much like how it is for the masses, there are tours available for students in the 3rd and 4th grades to learn the historical contexts behind the growth and importance of the California Citrus Historic State Park. These tours are available on Thursdays from January through April. This opportunity should be taken advantage of by many schools within the area. 


  • Those who want to visit on their own time, the state park is open from Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm. As for the weekend, the state park is open Saturdays 8 am-7 pm.
  • Dogs are allowed on the main trails of the park but not within the museum center.
  • Covid Protocol: Vaccinated visitors are not required to wear masks. If you are unvaccinated and want to be indoors, wearing a facemask will be necessary. 


The California Citrus State Historical Park is a must-visit for you to understand how one of the most profitable industries in the state became what it was and its impact on the area. Whether you’re an adult with family or a student who is getting offered the opportunity to visit the area, this is going to be one of the most fun things to do in Orange County. 

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