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Come To Rockin’ Jump If You Are Looking For Things To Do In Orange County For Your Toddler



Come To Rockin’ Jump If You Are Looking For Things To Do In Orange County For Your Toddler

Finding things to do in Orange County for toddlers can be a challenge, as older kids and toddlers don’t usually mix well. Fear not, though. Rockin’ Jump has a perfect answer to this problem. Rockin’ Tots is their weekly playtime for toddlers, where parents can bring in their young ones to allow them to play with kids their own age in a fun, safe environment. To sweeten the deal, this also lets them get in their daily exercise hours, which all growing children need in order to promote healthy development of their bodies. 

Location: Rockin’ Jump (1411 S Village Way, Santa Ana, CA)

Price: $15 for a parent and one child up to 6 years old (each additional child is $5 and every additional adult is $7)

Exercise is important at any age, and Rockin’ Jump has decided to make exercise fun for people of all ages. Having fun and exercising on a trampoline for just 10 minutes can burn the same amount of calories as a 33 minute run. Toddlers need about 3 hours of exercise per day in order to keep healthy and promote good development of the body. Taking them to a public park or for a leisurely walk is always nice, but may not be ideal for some as we are still recovering from the most recent COVID outbreak. So why not take them to a place where they can get the exercise that they need to grow, somewhere that is both safe and clean? In addition, trampolines allow for children to learn fun skills, such as somersaults and flips, in a safe way. 

COVID regulations have been implemented into the facility, so you can breathe easy knowing the management cares about your health. The facilities have reduced capacities, meaning there will be ample space for you and your family to be distant from others if you so wish. In addition, there is increased sanitation and cleaning of all areas inside the park, as well as increased sanitizer stations in more areas throughout. Know, however, that the park is highly recommending advanced reservations and purchases, to make sure their capacity stays at optimal levels for distancing. In addition to this, Rockin’ Jump requires that all participants wear reusable socks that cost $4.25. This is to keep the facility up to its high standards of cleanliness and safety. For this reason, outside socks will not be permitted to be worn while participating. 

Finding things to do in Orange County with children can be tricky, especially when including kids who are under 5 years old. They aren’t always able to participate in activities as their size prevents them from doing so. Rockin’ Jump makes it easy to take your toddlers on a fun playdate and allow them to get in their daily exercise routine. This blog is brought to you by Toyota of Orange, your local Tustin car dealership with numerous awards and accolades. Come down today and see what Toyota of Orange can do to set you up in the car you deserve. 

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