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Come To The Festival Art Show And Witness The Best Of Orange County Events In The Area



Come To The Festival Art Show And Witness The Best Of Orange County Events In The Area


There’s plenty of beauty to be found in Orange County, especially when it comes to nature. With that being said, you also have a wide variety of different beauties to feast your eyes upon that are made by your fellow man in the area, and it just so happens that there is an Orange County event that will satisfy this hunger. The Festival Art Show that is occurring through the months of July and August will feature artists of varying specialties displaying their skills for all to see and all who have the will to come. 

Meeting the Artists

There will be no shortage of talent putting their artistic skills up at the festival for viewing. In fact, over 100 of them will be at the event to show their work through the many mediums to convey their art. One example would be Christopher Bliss and his ability to present art through photography and the unique way through which he accomplishes this. Or perhaps Luciano Bortone and his jewel-encrusted art. If you want a more classic rendition of art with oil paintings, Susan Cox’s artwork will be more your speed. These artists are diverse through the many types of work they can create and have a little bit of everything for everyone who wishes to attend the event.

Types of Exhibits

You should also know that there are multiple types of exhibits that you can attend at this Orange County Event to find just what it is that would fit your preferences. There’s the fine art show that features many of the artists that were mentioned earlier. A Junior Art Exhibit displays art from the newer and younger generation to see the artistic talent they have on display. A well-meaning competition in the form of the art-to-go exhibit.

Permanent Art Exhibit

The final exhibit is one of the most popular sections of the festival. This is because the permanent art collection contains pieces that are synonymous with the culture and history of art itself when it comes to Orange County. Art, significant to artists and other factors to the area, will find their way here to be preserved and observed. Pieces like Madame Butterfly made in 1999, and English Landscape made in 1983 are but a few examples of the many works that fill this particular exhibit. 

Lyrical Art

It won’t just be physical handmade art that you can gaze upon at the festival, however. You will also see musical producers and talents like the Nick Mancini Quartet and the John Mitchel Project throughout the festival. There are hundreds of these tributes, bands, organizations, and musicians playing their music for all to listen, should they be in attendance. 


Even if you are not a big fan of art itself, there’s bound to be something that can both fascinate and confound your imagination if you give it a chance. If you appreciate art in both the traditional and musical sense, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better way to enjoy such art with the pandemic waning down and covid restrictions starting to be relaxed.

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