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From Vision to Action – One Of The Best Orange County Events To Grow Your Business!



From Vision to Action – One Of The Best Orange County Events To Grow Your Business!

If you have been looking for Orange County events to help grow your business and understanding of networking, then this one is for you!  Business powerhouses Michelle Beauchamp and Mary Cravets join forces in “From Vision to Action” to teach you everything you’ve wanted to know about networking. 


  • 5:30 pm – Network
  • 6:00 pm – Dinner
  • 6:30 pm – Workshop: Michelle Beauchamp
  • 7:00 pm – Keynote (Interactive): Mary Cravets

Confidently Know What to Think, Say, and Do During Networking Workshop

Michelle Beauchamp

It’s time to take that step that you’ve always wanted to take! Not many Orange County events have an interactive showcase like this, where Michelle will show facets of her class about networking successfully.  This will give participators the beginner’s tools for growing the effectiveness of your networking.

  • Setting Goals – Are you annoyed because you seem to be networking and not achieving what you want to? Been to many Orange County events and nothing seems to be working? Setting networking goals will help understand if you are building relationships or wasting time.
  • Thought Process – If you feel like you’re just spending money and time and getting nothing in exchange then maybe it’s your mindset! To truly network effectively, you need to build relationships. Learn how to change your mindset to truly help other people and networking well will come with it.
  • Conversing – Do you have a hard time starting conversations? Are you able to tell when you need to plan a follow-up?
  • Elevator Speech – Is your pitch succinct enough to tell people how they can help you or your clients?

Members of NAWBO-OC and participants of the event will be encouraged to participate in Michelle’s entire class at a great discount.

Simply Get Clients: Systems to Expand Your Business in 2020 Keynote

Mary Cravets

Generating clients is everything to a business. If you want your business to grow at any phase, you really need your plans in order so that generating clients is painless and quick. You need to be as effective as you can be to produce the most results and save the most money. Stop going to Orange County events after events and expecting different results.

Now here’s the good news: When you effectively market, you can do more with less work. Simplification of your process can and will get more results, clients, and will keep you sane! This keynote is extremely interactive and you can discover how to be most effective in generating a consistent flow of clients.


  • To cut your marketing time back as much as 50-90%, and create results that will truly speak for themselves.  Best of all, you won’t be sacrificing your weekends or nights anymore!
  • 6 integral procedures that will stop you from continuing an all-or-nothing style of generating clients.
  • A tried and proven system that you can customize to your needs that helps business owners generate clients quicker and upgrade their income by 50-100%

Where: Costa Mesa, Urban Workshop

When: February 4, 2020 | 5:30-8pm

Be sure to stop by your local Fullerton car dealerships like Toyota of Orange, which sponsors this blog, while in the area!

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