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Here’s Everything About Bee Removal in Orange County You Ever Wanted to Know


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Here’s Everything About Bee Removal in Orange County You Ever Wanted to Know

If bees have shown up in your home or on your property in Orange County, then it can be a nuisance. What can you do about it? Bee removal is going to be the answer, and the first thing you’ll need to take into account is where the insects have decided to set up shop. For this article, let’s say that they’ve taken up residence in one of the walls of your house, which is a common occurrence.


Bees in Your Wall


If there is a chink or a crack in your wall, that can be enough for some inquisitive bees to go in and decide they want to stay for a while. Before you know it, you can have a whole colony in there. So, what’s to be done?


One thing that the professionals might want to do is to inject a pesticide for bee control into the cavity where the hive has taken up residence. If the bees in your wall are honey bees, and you discovered their presence relatively quickly, then they won’t have had time to set up very much comb, nor to store much honey.


If there is honey in your wall and you used someone who killed the bees with pesticide, then that honey will be contaminated. It is possible that feral bees or those from a nearby colony may be attracted to this honey, so you’ll need to get it out of the wall.


That might mean a construction job, or it could be a matter as simple as plugging up the hole so that any bees that come along which are attracted to the honey can no longer get in. Calk or window screening might be appropriate deterrents depending on how the bees are entering. If removal of the dead bees and the honey does not take place, though, there is going to be a foul odor for several weeks afterward.


Relocate, Don’t Kill


As you can see, if your Orange County home has a bee problem, it’s best to do removal and relocation rather than to kill them if that is at all possible. It’s not just because bees want to live in harmony with us and serve a useful purpose. It’s also because the removal of dead bees and the honey and pieces of comb that they’ve left behind can be a costly annoyance.


That’s why it’s always best to try and call someone who can lure the bees out and remove then rather than killing them. Several experts in the Orange County area are skilled at bee removal, so call them without delay if you find yourself with this issue.


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