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Host a Virtual Game Night For Things to Do in Orange County



Host a Virtual Game Night For Things to Do in Orange County

For many of us, the holidays are over but we are still in the spirit of socializing and having fun. If you are looking for fun things to do in Orange County, then you may consider hosting a virtual game night! While Zoom parties were created out of necessity in the past year, they have offered some noticeable benefits over traditional get-togethers. For one, there’s no need for transportation! Many people also appreciate the fact that they can do their socializing in their most comfortable habitat–on the couch, in their socks and sweats, with their favorite snacks and drinks.

So, if you’re looking to catch up with loved ones and miss having things to do in Orange County, then set up a video call and bring these fun virtual games to share: 

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to shake up your virtual game night and get people energized, then organize a fun scavenger hunt! You can write a list of common objects (lightbulb, throw pillow, pencil) and more unique objects (Halloween costume, Big Mouth Billy Bass, vinyl record) that people have to find in their home in order to check off the list. The more objects they find, the more points they get! The person with the most points wins. To make the game more challenging, give a time limit for everyone to find each object. 

20 Questions

Another game that you can play for your next Zoom party is a classic: 20 questions. This game is based on the idea that one member of your party thinks of an object, animal, or person and doesn’t tell anyone else what it is. The rest of the party has to take turns asking questions in order to get clues for what the thing is. If you can’t guess the answer in 20 questions, then you lose! This works well as a team game so consider splitting your party up and having each group take turns. 


Who doesn’t love a good trivia game? It’s fun to see how much you know and you much you don’t! There are free trivia generators that you can find online or you can use your own set of cards. Another thing that you can do is search for fun facts on Google and then make your trivia questions based on those. If you find a certain theme that your party likes, then focus your trivia questions on that theme! For example, you can do all your trivia on Disney movies or on animal facts!

Google Auto Complete Guessing Game

You know how Google likes to guess what you’re typing on the search bar? Well, you can use that for your virtual game night! All you have to do is compile your own list of searches and then write down the top 3 most common auto completions. When you’re presenting the game, you can read the part of the search that you typed and have everyone else guess what the most common searches are, based on that. Here are some examples that you can use: “why do dogs…”, “what color is…”, “how does Cinderella…”, etc. 

Try these fun virtual party games with your friends and family and visit Tustin car dealerships when you’re ready to invest in a new car for the new year! 

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