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How A Dentist Can Help With Your Crooked Teeth



How A Dentist Can Help With Your Crooked Teeth

Let’s face it, nobody in Newport Beach, CA wants to have crooked teeth. It’s the rare person that doesn’t desire clean-looking white teeth that are straight and even. That’s what gives someone a winning smile, and being able to flash those pearly whites will give you confidence in social situations. By contrast, some people are reluctant to speak socially, smile, or laugh because of the fear that they will reveal their crooked teeth. Here are some ways that a dentist in Newport Beach CA can help you with the problem.


What Causes Crooked Teeth?


Several different things can cause crooked teeth. Genetic factors might play a part. If that’s the case, then there isn’t any way you could have changed your behavior to avoid the issue. Sometimes crooked teeth come about in adults because the person sucked their thumb as a child. By sucking on your thumb for multiple hours a day, your teeth can be pulled out of alignment. It also is possible to develop what is sometimes referred to as “buck teeth.”


Losing your baby teeth early can cause it. That’s because if the adult teeth come up and there is space around them, they can shift in the gums and not end up where they were supposed to be. Extra adult teeth is another culprit. People are supposed to have thirty-two teeth, but some people are born with extra teeth or develop them during their formative years. Teeth that look crowded or crooked is the result. Not having enough teeth can cause issues as well. This can be due to genetics. Gaps will be left in the jaw, and the teeth that are there can be pushed out of alignment because the other teeth aren’t there to hold them in place.


What Can Be Done About It?


If your teeth are crooked, the first thing you need to do is to see a dentist in Newport Beach, CA and get their professional opinion. The most common way to treat crooked teeth is braces. They are the tried and true fix to crooked teeth because they can be customized to fit each person’s mouth regardless of the specifics of their dental issues. Braces often work, though paying for them can be an issue for some people. If you have dental insurance, you’ll have to read over it carefully to determine how much you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket. For many people who are self-conscious about their mouths, though, it is a reasonable expense.


There is also a treatment called Invisalign. These are trays or plastic containers that move the teeth into the proper alignment over time. They are more suited to cases where the crooked teeth are only slightly out of alignment. For those with more severe problems, braces are still usually the way to go.


There are also solutions like surgery and implants. These can dramatically impact the way your mouth and even your entire face looks. They also tend to be on the expensive side, so again you’ll need to see how much they’re going to cost you on top of your regular dental insurance payments. Many dentists in Newport Beach, CA offer payment plans for that sort of treatment if you can’t afford to pay all at once, though.


If you don’t feel happy about your mouth and your smile, you need to see a Newport Beach, CA dentist. They can tell you about your options for fixing your crooked teeth, and soon you’ll be happier when you can smile, laugh, and have a conversation without worrying about your mouth at all.


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