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See A Dentist If Your Permanent Teeth Is Loose



See A Dentist If Your Permanent Teeth Is Loose

If you have an adult tooth that is becoming loose, it is critical for you to speak with your Newport Beach dentist without delay. It is possible for a permanent tooth to become loose just like a baby tooth does, but the reasons are different. If you are an adult and one of your teeth has grown loose, then it is not because there is another tooth pushing its way up through the gum. Gum disease can cause it, as can tooth grinding or an injury. You might be able to identify what is going on by yourself, Newport Beach residents, or you might have no clue as to what’s happening. In either case, a consultation with a dentist must occur as soon as possible.


What a Loose Adult Tooth Means


If you have a loose adult tooth, it does not necessarily mean that it is going to fall out, according to dentists who have treated the problem. In fact, in most cases, the tooth can be saved. It could be gum swelling that is responsible for what is happening or strained periodontal ligaments.


What Can Be Done


Depending on what is happening with your loose adult tooth, there are different steps that a dentist might take to save it. There is such a thing as tooth splinting, which is where a splint is bonded to the affected tooth’s enamel surface, and also to the surface of one next to it that is stable. This will cause the loose tooth to tighten up again over time.


There are also mouth guards. These protect your teeth if you are prone to grinding them, especially at night.


If gum disease is what is causing the loose tooth, that is a bit more serious. A Newport Beach dentist can give you a deep cleaning that will get rid of the bacterial pockets that might cause infection between the gum and your teeth. Those pockets can be the cause of tooth loosening in some cases. Once the calculus and plaque are gone, the affected tooth or teeth should tighten up again once the gum is healthy.


If you have a loose adult tooth, you never want to ignore it. Apart from the possibility of losing the tooth, you need to determine what is happening to you that is causing the problem. It could be something serious, and only by going to your Newport Beach dentist and getting a thorough examination will you be able to tell.

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