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How Can You Help Your Community During The Quarantine?



How Can You Help Your Community During The Quarantine?

Are you feeling the urge to connect? 

Many of us are quarantined and are doing our responsibility to curb the spread of COVID-19. Sad but true, some without pay, others working full-time, and taking care of children or family members at the same time. Most of us feel that self-isolation may be a disorientating experience, especially for those who are used to spending 80% of our time outside of the house! 

However, let us always look on the bright side, while channeling our energy into productive things to do. Let us bring the community together and fight this pandemic since our community is at our core.

Here are some things to do and ways to feel united and help our community while we’re spending time apart.

Stay home

It is the most valuable thing you can do at the moment. If there is no urgent matter, you don’t have to leave the house. Think of self-quarantine as a way to prevent yourself from getting COVID-19 and also saving others. Imagine that you already carry the virus. So, staying home is about keeping everyone else safe too.

Call friends and family. 

We may be physically separated, but many of us are in the same boat. Stay in touch with your loved ones through call or video call-another great idea to take care of the people around you. Friends and family members living alone, older friends and relatives, those who are taking care of children and those who are unable to work right now. Call and check-in, ask how they’re doing. This is a perfect time too to stay connected and reconnected to people you have not spoken to in a while. Remember that our voices hold a lot of power, and by merely saying hello can make someone’s day. We need each other right now to ensure that we are all taking care of our mental health. Let us offer our presence even in our isolation.

Be a great neighbor. Run essential errands.

A simple act of picking up medication or groceries for elderly neighbors or family members or your immuno-compromised family and leaving it on their doorstep is one of the things to do as an act of kindness to pitch in to serve your community at a distance. Facilitate communication by getting an email list from the neighborhood, a chance to volunteer, or ask to help.

Consider what you’re buying at the store.

Most of us will have to make another trip or two to the grocery store in the coming weeks, but then again, stay home if you can. You do not have to buy more food than you need. Instead now is the perfect time to cook some of the dry stuff sitting in your pantry! Choose among shelf-stable foods like canned goods, pasta, rice, and legumes, while utilizing your freezer-great ways to ensure variety and healthy meal when your trips to the grocery store are limited.

In the middle of the crisis, people are making sure those in quarantine don’t feel alone in Orange County. 
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