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Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy While In Quarantine



Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy While In Quarantine

During this pandemic, many of us are in quarantine, which can be explicitly exhausting to our mental and physical health. If you find it hard to convince yourself to accomplish tasks or to go to sleep at the right time, we have some tips to keep you physically and mentally healthy during the quarantine.

Follow your daily habit whenever possible

Try and manage a routine as much as you can, like the same daily habit like the one you had back when self-quarantine has not yet been implemented. If you normally go to school every day and wake up early, then you might as well set some time aside to study on those hours. Follow a daily habit that enables you to be productive like studying or reading. 

Do something and move about

It is really important to include a little mobility to your day, particularly if you are not working. Although you might be one who isn’t used to exercise before, you can no longer get the activity you usually get when you are walking hurriedly around the city. So it is essential to include some exercise in your daily habit to stay healthy.

If you are a beginner searching for a less extreme kind of workout that does not demand any use of equipment, you can find exercises by downloading an app on your phone or watching it on YouTube.

You may want to try things to do like a workout in the garden or your backyard, if possible, to get a little bit of sunshine, or you can open up a window to let the sunlight stream in. You may also go for a walk around your Orange County neighborhood and get some fresh air. Take advantage of the vitamin D you can get since you are not allowed to go outside that much.

Make time for yourself

You should set a time for yourself. You might feel stressed and useless because you are not learning or making the most of the quarantine like what everybody else are bragging about on social media. Productivity can be what you define it to be, whether starting your day by making your bed or doing some spring cleaning that you’ve been putting off.

Take time to calm down by doing new activities like yoga, painting, or meditation. It does not have to be something that you have not tried before.

Try and keep a daily routine as possible instead of doing nothing at all or thinking that you’re not being productive while being at home.

Stay at home to stay safe, and take care of your health.

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