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Food And Nutrition during Quarantine



Food And Nutrition during Quarantine

Most American households by far have hunkered down. Never before confined to their homes for an indefinite amount of time, most Americans are expecting unprecedented and countless challenges for the past few weeks and the weeks to come. The temptation to stress-eat will be unstoppable. The good thing is, there are creative things to do and few simple steps to guarantee access to healthier food and drinks and keep yourself in good shape while simultaneously supporting your immune system so you can #stayhome as you stay fit.

You should plan.

Imagine your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for at least five days. What will you serve? What will you need? What foods your family likes, your kid’s fancies… Consider your food preparation methods, interests, and skills, even the time and energy you will have to spend preparing the meals. 

Tight on Budget?

Start adding frozen fruits and vegetables to your list. Potatoes are a great, low-cost food to stockpile on as it is full of nutrients, and they’re filling.

Chicken and beef might be too pricey right now, so to get your protein from plant sources. Beans can be versatile in cooking and are nutritious like lentils, kidneys, chickpeas, peas, and black beans. These are great choices to add to your list. 

Buy some great Ingredients.

Since you’re quarantined for weeks, you have presumably stocked up on plenty of canned goods. But numerous products are of minimal nutritional value. One of the things to do is to consider signing up for community-supported agriculture if there’s one available in your neighborhood.

Research Recipes

In reality, a surprising percentage of people refuse to open a cookbook before they get going in the kitchen. But with the added downtime that the quarantine gives, a simple Google search will provide you with great ways and ideas to put your pantry to use.

Drink More Tea

Tea is a source of soothing stability for thousands of years; it can also help more on our mental health. Oolong is noted for its metabolism-boosting effects. Turmeric tea blends can be paired with any immunity-boosting herb, creating a variety of traditional flavors to choose from.

Air Fry

Fried foods are an all-time favorite, whether its chicken, sweet potato, or potato…everything it seems is incredible when it’s crispy and crunchy plus it’s a little bit healthier than putting the food in oil. The air fryer circulates air into the food to crisp up food items without the use of any oils. 

Home is where many of us seek refuge and comfort in light of COVID 19. It is essential that we still nourish ourselves, but not just our stomachs, but also our minds, hearts, and communities.
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