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Irvine Spectrum Drive-In Theater



Irvine Spectrum Drive-In Theater

Have you been searching for things to do in Orange County this holiday season? The Irvine Spectrum has jumped on the wagon of showing movies Drive-In style. Take advantage of the newly popular outdoor movie showings at the Irvine Spectrum featuring the best holiday movies while celebrating the holiday season in a fun and safe way. 

Here are some details from the Irvine Spectrum to provide a safe way to celebrate with family.  

Showing Times:  


5:00 pm -Parking opens   

7:30 pm – Movie starts


4:00 pm – Parking opens  

6:00 pm – Movie starts

Upcoming Showings

Thursday, December 17: Four Christmases (Rated PG-13) 

Friday, December 18: Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (Rated PG)

Saturday, December 19: Home Alone (Rated PG)

Sunday, December 20: Trolls Holiday (Rated NR) 

*More movies will be announced as the month progresses, so if you’re interested in others, check the Irvine Spectrum website for updated details.* 


Thursday: $40 per car.

Friday & Saturday: $60 per car plus an Irvine Spectrum Center card worth $20 to use for snacks or dinner from one of the Spectrum Center restaurants. 

Sunday: Admission is $40 per car.

Venue Guidelines

Masks are needed, and social distancing must be followed when outside of the vehicle. 

  • The movie is to be viewed from inside your vehicle or in the bed of a truck.  
  • The movie audio will be broadcasted through an FM transmitter, so ensure a proper sound system in your vehicle. If not, a battery-operated stereo can be brought and used to hear the movie.

Tickets and Arrival 

  • Tickets must be bought online, in advance. 
  • Upon arrival, your tickets will be scanned at the parking structure. Tickets can be presented for scanning by phone or on paper. 
  • Tickets will only be valid for the day and time you selected. 
  • Each ticket is valid for only one car. 
  • Tickets and parking will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. An attendant will guide you to your assigned parking space. 
  • It is suggested that you arrive early to get a better spot. 
  • No refunds will be given. 
  • Restrooms will be available at the venue. While attending the restroom, facial coverings must be worn, and social distancing must be followed. 


When will parking and entrance open? 

The parking lot and venue will open at 5:00 pm.  

 How will we be able to hear the movie?

The movie’s audio will be broadcasted through FM transmitters that you will receive through your car radio. 

Should I be worried about my car battery dying? 

Suppose you are concerned that your car battery could die during the duration of the movie. In that case, it is recommended that you bring a portable battery-powered FM radio separate from your car so you can avoid using the car battery during the entire movie. 

Can the movie be viewed from a truck bed or in the back of an SUV? 

The Irvine Spectrum does permit viewing from truck beds and SUV trunks; however, you will be placed in parking spots in the back or on the side of the venue. It’s also recommended that you arrive early to get a spot for this. 

Are RV’s or campers allowed at the venue?

No, unfortunately, RV’s and campers are not allowed at the venue in order to provide smaller cars with the ability to see the movie. 

Can the audio to the movie be listened to on a radio app from a phone? 

A small portable FM radio would work best since it can’t be guaranteed that Apple or Android apps can pick up the radio signals needed to listen to the film. 

The Drive-In movie venue at the Irvine Spectrum is a great example of adaptations places have taken to still provide things to do in Orange County, especially during the holiday season. These pop-up Drive-Ins are perfect events that will keep your family safe and healthy during the pandemic and still generate ways to make unforgettable memories. Check out the Irvine Spectrum site to check out upcoming films and buy tickets. 

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