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San Clemente Drive-In Movie



San Clemente Drive-In Movie

Grab your snacks, something cozy, and hop in your cars… you have a Drive-In movie to catch!

Taking place on December 18, 2020 venture off to Vista Hermosa Sports Park for a showing of The Grinch starting at 5:00 pm until 7:30 pm. You and your family can make this holiday season special with events like this that continue to offer things to do in Orange County for the price of  $15 for vehicle registration. The venue will follow Covid-19 safety procedures with 6 feet socially distanced parking spaces on both sides of your vehicle. Restrooms will also be available and will receive continuous cleaning and observation. 

Please keep in mind that this event will require vehicle registration. With precautions in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 bikes, walk-ups, and seating outside of cars are forbidden. Parking will be available 90 minutes before the start of the show and vehicles must be parked 15 minutes at the latest before the start of the show. Parking will be first come, first served following time slots for check-in so make sure you pay attention to your time slot to get a good spot. 


  1. All cancellations must be submitted 24hrs in advance. 
  2. Moviegoers must remain in their vehicles unless using the restroom. 
  3. Sitting outside of the vehicle in chairs, blankets, or on the ground is not permitted. 
  4. If you exit the vehicle to use the restroom, you must be wearing a mask or face covering at all times. 
  5. Social distancing must be followed at all times, with guests staying at least 6ft apart from one another. 
  6. The number of people in the vehicle cannot exceed the number of safety belts. 
  7. Trucks, Sprinter Vans, Large SUVs, and Vans will have to park on the sides or in the rear spots of the venue to accommodate for small vehicles being able to see the screen. 
  8. Rear hatches and side doors must remain closed. 
  9. Convertibles will be permitted. 
  10. If your family would like to sit in a truck bed you can, but you must wear face coverings the entire time and you will be directed to park in the rear spots of the venue. 
  11. Pets are not allowed. Smoking, vaping, and alcohol are all prohibited. 

If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay home! Stop the spread of Covid-19! 


  1. Have your driver’s license ready. 
  2. Spots will be designated by time slots on a first-come, first-served basis by the staff at the venue. 
  3. You will enter through the main entrance only. Please follow the instructions of the city staff directing traffic. 
  4. You must be parked and in an appropriate spot at the 15-minute mark before the start of the film. 
  5. Once parked, your vehicle must remain parked in the appropriate spot that was predetermined to follow social distancing regulations between each vehicle. 
  6. If you need to exit before the end of the show, the city staff asks for you to turn your emergency lights on and wave so they are aware that they need to usher you out. 
  7. If you arrive in a lifted truck, large SUV, or van you will be directed to park at the back of the venue or along the sides with no open doors or hatches throughout the film. 

At the end of the film, the city staff will dismiss your vehicle and will help direct you out of the venue’s exit. 

Celebrate the holiday season and continue to make memories with family during these challenging times. Drive-In movies are a great way to stay safe and enjoy the season with your family. It may seem like Orange County events are limited but these adaptations cities have made continue to provide things to do. Check out the showing of The Grinch taking place at Vista Hermosa Sports Park on December 18th and make some fun family memories.

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