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Look At Cars For Sale in Orange County With Advanced Safety Features

Cars For Sale In Orange County Are Coming Equipped With Better Safety Features


Look At Cars For Sale in Orange County With Advanced Safety Features

If you’re a driver and you live in Orange County, then you know that some of the freeways can be headache-inducing sometimes. If you get caught in a major traffic jam, then you need to proceed with caution, and if you aren’t fully on the alert a fender bender can occur, or something more serious. It’s a reality of being on the road around here, so it behooves you to seek out the vehicles with the best safety features. So, what should you be looking for these days in cars for sale in Orange County that might avoid a costly collision?


Adaptive Cruise Control


Adaptive cruise control is a new feature that drivers in Orange County should enjoy. These are systems that make use of cameras, radar, and lasers, or some combination of these. They allow you to keep a constant distance between you and the cars in front of you if you are on the highway and there isn’t much traffic around you. If that traffic slows down, the car will slow, and intuitively speed up again at the appropriate moment. This effectively negates the one previous problem with cruise control, that if a driver zoned out at the wheel while it was on, a forward collision could have been the result. When you’re looking at newer model cars for sale, definitely be on the lookout for this addition.


Lane Keeping and Centering Assists


Again, these features are ideal for drivers in Orange County who might have become distracted for a moment. Lane-keeping assists, also called LKAs, deliver automatic corrective steering input when the vehicle crosses lane markings. Lane-centered assist is similar, but its objective is to provide continuous active steering so that you stay between lanes. This is so helpful if you are in heavy traffic and something attracts your attention for a moment. Remember, all it takes is a split-second for an accident to occur.


Rear Automatic Emergency Braking


The last feature that we’ll discuss today for drivers in Orange County is rear automatic emergency braking. This is a particularly useful one, especially if you have a larger vehicle. It automatically applies the brakes if you are backing up and coming into close proximity to something. There are typically sensors on modern vehicles that allow this to happen.


When you’re looking at cars for sale, Orange County drivers, you need to buy within your price range, and you’ll certainly be looking at style and luxury for your car if it’s within your budget. But don’t neglect safety features. If you buy a vehicle with some good ones, you’ll be safe while you’re out on those busy highways, and you’ll be sure and keep your insurance rates low as well.   


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