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Moonroof and Sunroof Options For the Toyota Camry at Tustin Car Dealerships

2019 Toyota Camry sunroof and moonroof options at Tustin car dealerships


Moonroof and Sunroof Options For the Toyota Camry at Tustin Car Dealerships

If you are shopping for a new Toyota Camry, you might be wondering about moonroof or sunroof options. Tustin car dealerships can go through all the sunroof and moonroof options on the 2019 Toyota Camry.

Does the Camry have a sunroof or a moonroof? 

For the most part, people use the words sunroof and moonroof interchangeably and they are pretty much correct. Sunroofs used to be solid metal panels that could be removed, and moonroofs used to be solid glass panels that were fixed or could be titled open. However, now these two features have blended together. 

In the Camry, Toyota calls its rooftop opening a moonroof. It’s glass, it has an interior color shade, it can be tilted open, and it can slide back letting in all the fresh air and views that you’ve wanted. So calling it a moonroof or a sunroof really doesn’t make a difference. 

What 2019 Toyota Camry models have a power moonroof? 

No Camry models come with this feature standard but it is available on most of the 2019 Camry lineup including the LE, SE, and all of the hybrid models. The other models are left out of this because they include something that is even better which is a panoramic glass roof. 

What is a panoramic glass roof? 

A panoramic glass roof is exactly what you’re thinking it is. It’s glass that stretches along most of the roof from both sides and front to back. The Camry panoramic roof is even better because it’s also a moonroof which is awesome! 

The glass roof is actually two panels and the front panel can both tilt open to let in some air and slide back to let in all the air. Both panels are also tinted to keep out excess heat and sunlight. You have an option for this on both the XLE and the XSE, you can contact Tustin car dealerships for more information. 

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