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Muscle Car Restoration Experts Explain What Happens When Vehicles Sit Too Long



Muscle Car Restoration Experts Explain What Happens When Vehicles Sit Too Long

According to muscle car restoration experts at Huntington Beach, tires can have a significant impact on the driving capabilities of a vehicle. Good quality tires can save car owners on gas money and provide a safer ride for all passengers. Depending on the kind of tires you invest in, you can affect braking performance, steering, and the way a vehicle hugs the road. However, it is not enough to just have tires that are compatible with your make and model. Tires must be monitored and maintained in order to achieve the perfect balance, alignment, pressure, and tread depth. All of these things can be compromised when a vehicle sits, unused, for a long period of time.

Classic car buffs know that when you have a car that isn’t being driven regularly, it can develop problems with its brakes, battery, and tires. Many people end up searching for vintage car repair in order to find services that will remedy these problems. While this is a common occurrence with older models, this can also happen to new cars. As long as a car isn’t being used, there is the risk that certain components will weaken. Here are some of the ways that your tires can lose their quality when your car is not being driven on a regular basis: 


Tires don’t last forever. However, they do have a lifespan that can be shortened with extreme strain. When a car is left stationary for too long, the wheels will feel the weight of the vehicle and start to become flat, deflated, warped, or rotten. They can even become unsafe to drive on. So, know that if your car is left sitting, you may face quicker tire deterioration. 


Tire bubbles are another symptom of unused tires. However, according to Top Line Performance, one of the leading Huntington Beach muscle car restoration experts, these may not always be visible. Bubbles can start to form in parts of the rubber that are worn thin. This is especially dangerous to drive on. When a tire bubble is popped, it can blow out the whole tire. This can cause permanent damage to your tire and serious damage to your vehicle. 

Flat Spotting

Another issue that you might face when you haven’t driven your car in a while is flat-spotting. This is a phenomenon in which the part of the tire touching the ground becomes rigid. When driving a car with tire flat spots, you may notice a disturbing vibration or shimmy in your car’s handling that makes it difficult to steer.

Now that you know how your tires can decrease in quality when left sitting, it is important to make an effort to maintain them. If you know that you are not going to use your car for a while, then make sure to take it out for regular short drives or ask someone to drive it around the block a few times to support the battery, brakes, and tires. You can also frequently check the tire pressure and schedule regular maintenance check-ups with your local independent auto shop. As long as you make an effort to take care of your car, you can prevent many unnecessary damages and expensive repairs. 

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