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Orange County Events that Connect Car Dealerships with Community

Orange County Events that Connect Car Dealerships with Community


Orange County Events that Connect Car Dealerships with Community

Successful car dealerships do more than just sell cars. Orange county events that hold space for car dealerships focus on the meaning of community. We have compiled a list of fifteen ideas for car dealerships to connect with the people of Orange County in a meaningful way.

🔵 Charity

You can do so much good for your community when you host a food, toy, or clothing drive. Charity work gives people feel good on a spiritual level. For example, the Toyota dealer near Tustin knows how important sustainability is to their community. That’s why Toyota as a corporation collaborates with various nonprofits. Toyota is on a mission to help people who are suffering from issues like food insecurity and natural disasters.

A great way to promote a donation for car dealerships is to spread the word through social media. If you’re hosting a clothing, food, or toy drive in your area, consider posting about it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and or Youtube. Make sure to hashtag the phrase ‘Orange County events’ for marketing purposes. In today’s world, everyone is on their screen devices, whether that be their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. You are likely to attract more people to your dealership when you talk about your mission on social platforms.

🔵 Pop-Up

Business pop-ups typically perform very well, especially when those pop-ups include food for the public to consume. Consider calling up food trucks in your area and start a partnership with them. If you create a pop-up for your dealership and you’re feeling ambitious, you could make it your goal to turn it into a weekly event. You’ll need to be strategic though. Customers want to be enticed. That means you’ll need to bring out different, unique cars and trucks for public display. Customers love the idea of browsing cool automobiles while icing delicious ice cream, tacos, pizza, or anything gourmet.

🔵 Car Show

If you want to bond with a community of car enthusiasts, hosting a car show is a great way to do exactly that. You could even partner with a local charity to make your event not only fun, but also productive. Non-profit fundraisers typically turn out successful as many people want to do good in their community. There are many ways to go about creating a fundraiser. One form of fundraising is through a raffle and you can attract customers who cruise into the event in their cool cars with prizes.

🔵 A Race

No, we’re not talking about hosting a Nascar event as cool as that may be. You can host a 5K race that begins and ends at your car dealership. There are many Orange County events that host 5K races, so you’ll have to think a little outside the box. This kind of event is sure to attract athletes and long-distance runners in your local community. 5K races are typically family friendly, too. The more people you can attract to your event, the better. This is another opportunity to create a fundraiser and partner with a non-profit organization you are interested in helping out. You can’t host a 5K race without making cool T-shirts for your participants to show off. So, make sure you have a large supply of T-shirts if you do a race.

These are just a few ideas. There are so many ways you can get creative in your community. If you want your car dealership to be successful, you have options to start Orange County events that will reel in customers.

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