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Orange County Events: Visit Knott’s Scary Farm for this Halloween!

Knott's Scary Farm is one of the prime Orange County Events place this Halloween.


Orange County Events: Visit Knott’s Scary Farm for this Halloween!

Are you a big fan of Knott’s Berry Farm? Maybe you’re also a big fan of Halloween and the spooky feeling that it entails. If you check both of these boxes, you’re in for a major treat this September to October because Knott’s Berry Farm brings in the Halloween feel and setting in full force. However, the Knott’s Scary Berry farm event is an activity not recommended for children under the age of 13. Given how the staff gets into the act for this particular Orange County event, be prepared for some chills and fright should you decide to partake.


If you’re looking for something to eat at the most pleasing food attractions that the event can offer you, taking part in the Boo-Fet is the most logical course of action. Not only will you have the chance to eat along with the most horrible and ghoulish-looking creatures, but you can also pick from a wide array of selections such as boysenberry pie and Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken. You’ll even have the chance to get your souvenir bottle to remember the occasion. 

Forsaken Lake

Visiting Forsaken Lake will be a step in the right direction if you want to see how Knott’s Berry Farm sets up a chilling setting. Featuring a mix of marine and gothic scenes where creatures will be on display, this section of the event unnerves all those brave enough to venture into it. On top of this, you’ll see those dressed for the occasion and the haunted and horrifying setting. 

Gore-Ring 20s

Suppose the forsaken Lake isn’t frightening enough for you. Come by and see the Gore-Ring 20s, which takes a blast to the past regarding the roaring 20s. Here you can get to see phantasmic and ghastly gangsters that ran rampant around the time of prohibition. Some musicians play unnerving music to fit the dark times that people on the streets were exposed to during this era, truly immersing you in a dark time of America’s history.

Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootananny

If you want to see how the rides change due to the induction of this particular season, then a visit to timber mountain is a must. It’s not just the exterior of this ride that changes, but also the interior, which has many features such as the green witch and a long labyrinth of jack-o-lanterns that make the Halloween season’s fitting aesthetic.


If you have the guts and courage, along with the festive fervor to boot, taking part in Knott’s Scary Farm is one of the Orange County events that you should not miss. Throw in the fact that it lasts for over a month, and you’ll have plenty of time to plan a visit around should you be nearby!

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