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Promote Your Accessory Brand By Participating In One Of the Orange County Events, the Socal Etsy Guild Market



Promote Your Accessory Brand By Participating In One Of the Orange County Events, the Socal Etsy Guild Market

Have you ever wanted to see some of the best accessories or items that have ever been crafted by independent individuals, rather than simply going to a store and buying an item from a retailer brand? If that’s the case, then attend one of the Orange County events, the SoCal Etsy Guild Market. This is a yearly event that will take place over the weekend to show off some of the finest handmade items to those who are curious enough to give the jewelry designers a shot.

Art Categories Info

There are four main categories of items that are going to be sold at this event. They can be classified as Vintage, Art, Handmade, and Original Design. People can expect a wide range of items to be displayed by the crafters at the event, such as clothes, jewelry, or accessories. 

Vendor Info

If you’re planning on being a vendor at this event, there is plenty of space for you. If you have any products that can be sold on the site, put them under any of the categories mentioned above. This way, it will be easier to organize the event for yourself and those running it. Unless you are a special case, vendor spaces will be five feet deep and eight feet wide. Any items classified as a resale items will be prohibited, so make sure that anything you bring is genuine and original. Organizers of the event will go so far as to check your social media and inspect your credentials and merchandise to ensure that it is indeed your own work or your organization’s items. 

Timing and Organization

The event itself will be held at 20 City Boulevard West, and unless the pandemic or the weather brings about any complications, it will run from 10 am-8 pm Saturdays and 12 pm- 6 pm on Sundays. This is because the event will be held outdoors, and any drastic change in the weather could deeply affect how or when the event is run. 

Other notes for Vendors

There are other strict guidelines that vendors will need to follow in order to correctly be featured at the event. For example, all tables must be covered in white linen. No exceptions. The tables should also look clean, professional, and wrinkle-free. Also, don’t bother bringing any overtly large signs or banners because that will be heavily frowned upon as well.


If you’re looking to make a name with your brand or just want to try some original work that wasn’t made nor sponsored by some big-name retailer, then this event will be perfect for you. Sure, the guidelines and rules for the vendors are strict, but that should show you just how big of a deal this event can be if you give it a try. 

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