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Why The Lobsterfest At Newport Is Among The Best Orange County Events This September



Why The Lobsterfest At Newport Is Among The Best Orange County Events This September

Are you searching for a way to have fun this summer through some Orange County events while sampling some of the finest seafood cuisines that money can buy? If that is indeed the case, then you’ll most definitely want to stop by the Lobsterfest at Newport Beach. As its name implies, it’s a festival that celebrates both lobster cuisine and a great contribution to the community and to others that help involve themselves in the event. If you have the time and the spare room in your stomach, then September 12th is the date you want to make time for.


This Festival started over a decade ago, in 2009. It was initially a fundraiser for Costa Mesa. Eventually becoming its own foundation, this Festival eventually moved to Newport Beach and celebrated the cuisine of lobsters as well as helping many different foundations such as Doc-in-the-box. In 2013, the Festival was officially recognized as a non-profit. It has since then continued to work with other organizations while granting wishes to kids who are down on their luck with the help of Make-A-Wish.

The Lobster and Other Food

Besides the humanitarian cause that the Festival has a history of assisting in, there are a host of activities that one can be a part of. You will have the opportunity to sample other delicacies such as boiled shrimp, salads, rolls, desserts, clams, and other seafood selections. The most obvious and sought-after commodity, however, will easily be the lobster. It is Maine lobster, to be exact, and it will be served fresh on the scene for all in attendance to try and enjoy.


You will be able to eat every part of the lobster, including the tail, if you want it. It will be boiled and served along with a wide range of beers and wine that you can choose from. So get a VIP ticket for the event so that your selections are many! 


You can purchase your tickets online. Keep in mind that it is $110 per head and the tickets are limited. Also, all tickets are non-refundable so remember this little tidbit before you fully commit if you expect yourself unable to attend for whatever reason. For any other information you wish to know, click HERE.


The Festival is a great event to go to if you’re in the mood to have some high-quality seafood and some high-quality drinks that rank among the best compared to many other Orange County events. If you happen to be in Newport on September 12, consider stopping by and join the festivities!

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